Sunday, October 31, 2004

i heart bbc

now i can watch the !

last nigt wifey did girls nite out with his wifey so we chilled here messing with mj2 trying to install the damn burner (just figured out the problems this morning) and playing madden 2005, which i pulled off a win! after a painful L okay that's some geeky arse ish but hey i'm allowed that with my kewl points type infinite- see me!

on voting, thanks to indiana i might be effed out of voting AGAIN (they jacked me at the voting station 2000) but sleeves are thick tricks up 'em so we'll see.

"people say that unicorns don't exist but keep getting run over by them" - me

Saturday, October 30, 2004

this is

And now, a word from the President!
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
Gettin voted into the White House
Everything lookin good to the people of the world
But the Mafia family is my boss
So every now and then I owe a favor gettin' down
like lettin' a big drug shipment through
And send 'em to the poor community
So we can bust you know who
So voters of the world keep supportin' me
And I promise to take you very far
Other leaders better not upset me
Or I'll send a million troops to die at war
To all you Republicans, that helped me win
I sincerely like to thank you
Cuz now I got the world swingin' from my nuts
And damn it feels good to be a gangsta

had to do it. ' this concerto of a desperado' is from Geto Boy's song damn it feels good to be a gangsta from bush the first era, very nessasary,...shit it put on a shirt and wear it when you vote, seriously.

saturday morning post- the shining

up early again, woke up 5ish and couldn't go back to sleep. wifey doesn't share this problem but with the upness of this week-job rolling quite nicely plus new mj (i love her), business cards (yes i'm amped about that) and the curve ball a new phone with a camera (grainy pic but who cares).

i'm feeling all 'grown folks' now though i felt left out when i saw about the bin laden tape all late on the news last night. speaking of which.. this week bill clinton came out of recovery from a surgery that people say makes you feel like a new person. well new person he is because he pulled out a big pair of nuts with his statement about the bush camp using scare tactics to keep pple away from the polls.- code red! code red! we here at foxnews have learned that polling stations are targeted in these democrate leaning areas please stay away!- poltrickins didn't think he'd hit that hard but honestly what does dude have to stress? besides hillary isn't affected by him politically since she monica, and pple say that hurt.

back to bin laden with the tape popping up 4 days before the elections it kinda worries me (though this has been predicted by everyone and even me) that the idiots known as undecided might scamper to bush. hopefully not, i'm sure once 'oh great satan president cheney' heard of the clinton statement he was like 'damn' *insert flames and stuff*

if i worked for an intelligence agency the fact that bin laden could make a tape would really be frustrating me right now. if i were to vote for bush it would frustrate me since john wayne did promise to "hunt him down!"

then again if i was going to vote for bush i'd.... nevermind

one thing about the whole tape thing is dude actually said "Bush says and claims, that we hate freedom, let him tell us then, 'Why did we not attack Sweden?'" -check cnn for link i'm lazy right now- sure does make me feel relaxed.

welp i'm out

from sweden, a great place to be

Thursday, October 28, 2004

call my name (c) Prince

this song made sure i gets no sleep tonight/this morning. it's too hard to lay down with the hair on the back of your neck standing.

i love it when you call my name...
i just keep writing songs about you..

sure it's 2.42am

and i have FULL day tomorrow, eh, today but the realization that now that i have no excuses and this job HAS to workout has somehow turned into a 40 gallon jolt. as i continue to congradulate myself for anything i figure out even this sweetback, bloc party, biggie mix isn't putting me to sleep. yeah i know but the other songs came on after sweetback... these are those times that sleep would actually be welcome and i put that bed together, quite well i must say for?


wifey on the other hand is enjoying that sleep thing after her nite of work related forced/coaxed monied phun..

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

new and improved!

k, mj has been getting on my last nerve. really. she obviously didn't take a drivers ed because she crashes every second she can. anyway today things changed and i had to get a new girl mary jane 2.0 (seen above). i likes, she has kept my mind off of the documentary i saw last night about voters in america where this dude who has an am talk show said that he doesn't care about taxes, education, the economy, health care or jobs. the most important thing to him is that gay marriage does NOT become legal. i'm still working with that one.... why do you care? people give me something, that shit doesn't make sense to me like mj 2.0 :-) i just need to understand the thought patterns of someone who thinks like that, at least the blurry map or somthing. now back to caressing mj :-)

*double sigh*

Ldef's MP II:

gay marriage. honestly why do you care? how will it affect you? how will it hurt you? maybe it has to do with taxes and the fact that married pple pay a little less. otherwise i'm at a loss for it and if you happen to know the answer please email me at please.

Monday, October 25, 2004

My Philosophy

Ldef version

my vote for most useless phrase of the presidential debates goes to 'moral values.' would someone please explain the purpose of this statement? they ashlee simpson this statement everywhere you turn but has anyone ever figured out? how can a president improve the morality of almost 300 million people? if you have some type of useful insight please let me know. please.

here in reality there are things simmering which my privacy clause will not let me share at the moment but soon...


Friday, October 22, 2004

elvis is dead

as this should be, but NO. some hipster's ironic bet/joke has spawned the mullet2004 which is unisex! if I see j.curls '04 matters must be taken into these capable hands. cause I'm sooo sin-surr.

dear presidential candidates,
please apologize to the painfully uneducated public school kids of harlem for spending 30% more money on this CampPain then even the last election. what's a little reading a writing going to do when the peso is soon to pass the dollar at the rate ish is going?

I wish I could have seen the Keyes/Obama debate where keyes actually implied he was "more in touch with black people" wow.... wow..



when sick working from home does have it's advantages. *smiling at all the eff yous.*

i want this for this tonight.

jeanius coming soon

*cough, cough*

Thursday, October 21, 2004

behind the wheel

am i the only one who sees the 'black driver' trend in movies lately? taxi, collateral? 'good 'ol days' subconsciously revisited? hoped for even?

i regularly speak to malcolm x thru john edwards and he said to tell you "I didn't die for this shit! have you seen katelin and my jigsaw puzzle?" john has connection problems at times...

mr. mathers needs to admit to the world that he likes dressing in women's clothes. I've never seen a person jump at any and every chance to do so. the b.e.t. thing means about as much... wait it doesn't as long as they keep feeding stereotypes steroids.

wifey says she's hungry.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

daddy's little girl

with all the
tongue action (weak pun intended) about satan's daughter i noticed i've never seen a picture of her.

*we of the home team approve of her status and welcome females that look like her to step across the line because... sorry that was mean... eye no, she's prolly kewl and didn't have a choice of having hitler 2.0 as her pops. hey i'm a lesbian anyway, really.

matilida's back now. matilda 2.0 (or m.2. as we affectionately call her) and i couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


he told me about it, i've even clicked on links to it but I didn't actually gawk until now and I'm already picking up a syringe. /mental note/ add to links

I'm a superhero and unbreakable (which if playing) has convinced me to get out and do superhero things.... which poses a problem in this stanley kubrik sterile scandinavian version of a country.

speaking of which-fun swedish facts- the swedish word for married is 'gift', the swedish word for poison is also 'gift'

I hate


now to put this damn bed together

and they messed up the floor?

all the pieces BETTER be there....

bearded thoughts

only few things bother me as my 20's throw their tims on and head for the door, one is my beard. I have a goatee and uncoordinated freedom fighters running around with the consistency of prince records during his blank pause introduction period. this, I feel, is a "disservice, in fact it's a crime it's a shame." wrong because comparing my "beard" to people 5 or 6 years younger to me I get that frustrated feeling of unfairness. now life isn't fair and if a beard wasn't ever going to be I'd happily move on. -if you double x'd your chromosomes this life cycle or can't legally vote yet, you proabaly don't understand- the problem is that all the che-like folicals reproducing like marvin is on repeat are messing up my face. I'd like to work out some type of agreement like full custody or absolve my parental rights.

just thought I'd get that off my hairless(for now) chest.

Monday, October 18, 2004

bearded thought pt II (thanks mj, effin b-i)

effin' mary jane crashed killing this post in the process so I decided to put the damn title at least in protest. I can't friggin' wait to update her before I get an ulcer and she brings out my inner ike.


confession: I like goodies, welcome back and breathe

echo boomers?

dear echo boomers please (c) above pic

do something, please

the redskins won btw

Saturday, October 16, 2004

saturday morning review

I'd have to blame my grandparents (my heros) for giving me this curse of waking up too damn early so I woke up 6.30ish and laid in bed telling self to resume rest operations but no. *sigh*

last night I listened to De La while wifey watched Swedish Idol *gag* and randomly shouted new improved variations of of good 'ol curse words at mary jane. I talked to her cousin (the same who applied firstaid on her last fri. nite) who is letting me know when she can get an Extreme Makeover™ and leave the her special olympics reject status. this is good thing, great thing.

Fargo was on last night, I forgot how good that movie is, though IDOL made me miss the first 20mins *re-gag*

today I'm going to help My Favorite Painter finish the room. the bastids at ikea called yesterday and the bed will be here on tuesday, hopefully my meeting doesn't run into the delivery time. man it will be great when we finish this room cause the apt looks like this at the moment.


Friday, October 15, 2004


in 1982

yesterday's phone convo about this picture-

wifey - *emailing me pic* I love this photo of me, I think I look soo cute and soo me here. though I didn't seem to think that way then. about being cute that is.

me - *pulling up pic from email* yeah you are cute except that trailer park hairstyle

wifey - what?!? I think my hair is cute there

me - like I said cute in a 'trailer park my dad never wears a shirt because he might spill budlight on it and my mother/his first cousin doesn't like to wash more than once a season type way'

wifey - but it was 1982

me - I know but a hairstyle like that should be considered child abuse

wifey - *pouting* it's not a bad hairstyle

me - love did they cut your hair with the garden shears?

wifey - eff you

me - now someone else is cutting your hair, which is why I'm with you *laughter*

wifey - your very evil

post ideas

from obsidian

oct 14, 2004 . . . "well, today was another day spent in
the great obsidian's shadow. just finished praying at the shrine i've
erected in his honor. me and the wifey are on our way back into the
bedroom were we will practice giving birth, so we can offer our
firstborn as a living sacrifice to obsidian's ubiquitious countenance.
eff a run-d.m.c., I'M a five dollar boy, he's a million dollar man,
i'm a sucker mc and i'm his fan. loquent signing off. i am not

Thursday, October 14, 2004

chewing gum (c) Anie

stocholm subway

pretty al gore-ish day today plus blogger wouldn't let me or that could have been MJ's fault (upgrades soon).
turned on the coffee and tv only to seeJake White kissing Loretta Lynn my skin is still crawling-r.kelly's north pole cousin to his south, nursing homes be on alert- so the tv went off and I read the the GOAT'sblog. if you make money off of hip hop from clothes to bootleg cd's you should be sending him some. fell asleep last night (though wifey woke up to remind me) and didn't get to tape the 3am presidential debate, which sucks*. so I've been going blind googling and cleaning up all day. like I said al gore-ish.

*sidenote- the vcr is eternally pms'd and flat out refuses to be set so you have to run the tape with enuff to catch the program.

soon done goals-
- learn how to link a pic
- learn how to get my links sidebar up


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers

it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that go-go swing

did I mention that I'm cursed? really biblical type cursed. since I know this I NEVER do anything thing wrong (laws I'm talking about I'm not perfect though some would try to argue otherwise:-).

yesterday I had a meeting for work so after waiting behind this slow arse lady to sloooowly pull out her card the train was on it's way and the dude let me go thru because I was going to buy a card downtown.

alot of times when I run out of my month pass (which, thanks to the price raise, costs too much like nyc) pple tell me to hop the train, I always say no because I know the curse and never do. # of times I've seen them check for passes since I moved here in July of last year 4, it is rare but my curse dictates that rare ish will happen to me. I hop on the train and guess what happens? the next stop those bastards get on the train and start checking for passes. the Curse minus the Gift.

I tell the dude that I was allowed to go because I was going to buy a pass downtown and he's on some suuure type ish. Then he begins to ask me when I came to sweden and can I speak swedish. these things have nothing to do with the pass or the 1000k ticket I'll get but us americans know talk more more chance you'll get off. so I sort of answer his questions but not the one about do I have a swedish id number (he'd need that for the damn ticket that he promised he was going to write.) So I'm talking to ticket guy and the whole damn car is intently listening to my ish, which in a country of filled with stereotypes is more so annoying, 'specially since ticket dude is the only other black person in the damn car. can we say house n*****?

we talk thru a stop and on the next stop there is some type of commotion outside and H.N. Ticket Guy hops off to help out -of course this is sweden and unlike nyc where commotions outside are kate moss minus water weight, this NEVER happens- well the train is sitting there for a sec longer than usual so I'm thinking H.N.T.G. will be back like arnie, ticket book in hand and continue to mess my day up. then the doors close with HNTG outside. so I'd like to thank whoever caused that problem on the Sundyberg stop yesterday, it helped.

eff u HNTG

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm an american, I like choices. lots of 'em

from food to ipods there's nothing better than choices, subway and I get along quite fine because they understand that and cater to it.

that said, when it comes to the presidential debates I don't like the 1-2 and .000001 choices we supposedly have. I agree that bush has to go/shouldn't have been there in the first place, but why do I have to choose a guy who has less personality than my least favorite bathroom wall? nader isn't doing the trick for me this year either.

sidenote- nader would have gotten my '00 vote had the state of Indiana not "lost" my registration ish only to let me know when I'm standing there about to vote. and you thought it was only florida.

everyone knows there are other pple who are running they just don't know who the hell they are so I found the list to see who we had to choose from. here are the interesting ones-

-Peace and Freedom Party (Ron Jeremy for president anyone?)

-Personal Choice Party (the vp candidate is a former pornstar, not that I have a problem with that)

-Socialist Party USA (do you think they'd even make it to the swear in? I mean the bucket looks kicked already)

-Christian Freedom's candidate Thomas Harens looks a little too Waco, TX for me

-God talks to this guy

sure the choices look like pork products for me but at least I know my choices.

Monday, October 11, 2004

damn, superman died?

kanye's lablemate, beanie is going the martha steward route. bush is rumored to have worn at tap (which would explain semi-coherent sentences. Africa's genocide rates seem to be getting served up like that super sized wicked clown's mystery meat burgers and iraq has a car bomb blowing up on every corner.

the effin' redskins lost to top it all off 2.


btw what wasn't in any particular order, for the record.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

My favorite Painter

Wifey von Brush Stroke Longstocking.

after reading my coffee and clouds post she felt that I didn't heap on enuff praise for her brush stroking genius so I will break my cardinal rule and share.

she has done an amazing job with the our formerly light blue bedroom. we now have a cuban brown wall(c) FAB 5, which the new bed will be going against and three chalk white walls. it gives the room an overwelmingly calming affect though I tend to think of chocolate and white sherbert, which makes me hungry but I'll get used to it. also if anyone is looking for someone to paint a couple of walls I can lend her out for a very affordable price(no C.O.D's or checks sorry).

now to wander thru the unfinished beauty of the bedroom.

this is hard

I'm trying to figure out how to transferr all of my old blogs posts, make links in my posts and at links to other sites but everytime I think I got it, mid pat, I realize I'm more confused than before... argh...

just sharing.

coffee and clouds

welp I went to bed kinda early last night, being that I was soo tired from listening to wifey paint and all. I watched most of the debate and I'll admit that bush looked alot better then I've ever seen him before. sure he didn't make much sense but he did put alot of sentences together I didn't think that he capable of. Kerry on the other hand, you could see that his advisors told him over and over again to act more anti-chip-on-your-shoulder so at times he came off like he went to a 'how to be a well liked person' class. Of course he did better than bush, IMHO, plus he showed restrain t that bush didn't seem to have when told to hold on by the moderator.

I've been warned already that Satan, I mean, bill o'reilly when not blasting people on his show comes off as a guy with a soul. I saw the 60 mins piece on him and I'll admit he's far, far from his right wing wasp watchers. amazing that anything could come from fox news not dizzy from all that spin.

Mary Jane (c) Rick James

I thought that's I'd spend today painting but super wifey decided to k.o it. So I've been with Mary Jane (my computer see above photo) and her slow arse. it's gone kinda like surf, crash, surf, crash and I still haven't started to figure out how to move around in OS in english much less in swedish. anyhoo between filling 'get that' orders from wifey and turning the Mary Jane on and off it's been a rather relaxing day. now to figure more ish about this site out.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

a deelux apartment in the sky

I'm in the 'slow process' of trying to figure out how to do ish on here butthis already looks better then the blogging slums I will soon be making mypeace with. now back to stumbling around trying to figure out ish.

thank you