Wednesday, January 19, 2005

don't you just hate when you're having a conversation with someone and they are just constantly trying to "one up" you??? this girl that sits behind me in my bio class constantly talks to this guy she sits next too and everytime he says that he's done something or has this, she ALWAYS has to say something in response that of course is BETTER than his..... for example(just to give you a clear pic of how annoying this is ): he says yeah i ride my bike 5 miles during the nice weather.... she has to reply with yeah i usually ride 6 when it's nice out!?!?! i mean come on is that really necessary??? she does this everytime he says something!! so then we get to leave class cause the teacher can't get the overhead to work, so i'm standing up and putting on my coat and she happens to say that she's from michigan, so i ask what part cause i am too, and so i say in between grand rapids and lansing in the country and W/O FAIL she says "we used to live on a house by the lake.... and we still have it there for vacation"!!! now #1. that DOES NOT! answer the question of where in MI (does it) since it's DAMN NEAR ALL SURROUNDED BY WATER!?!?!?!?! and #2. did you have to add that you still have the house there and you use if for vacation?? who cares, really that's not a big deal. i mean my dad had (not sure if he still has it) a house on a lake, and has 2 boats as well?? should i have added in that factoid?? would that have made the story any better?? just curious. just thought i'd share my first encounter of the day.
as you all can probably see this is my 1st post, and sorry if you were bored out of your skull, but i had to post something before D shunned me, anyways ...THANKS for listening! :)

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