Thursday, February 03, 2005

how can anyone look so much like a female but act like a man? i don't mind having a roommate but i might as well be living with a guy.... no offense to those of the opposite sex! what kind of person uses the last of the toilet paper but then does NOT change the roll, or if you're lucky enough to have some tissue in there after she uses the bathroom it's resting on top of the empty carton that's still swinging from the holder!! what is that about? if you see that the trash in the kitchen is full, do you keep piling garbage on top of it? do you start a new bag without removing the old one from the trash can? and if you do remove the old one, how long are you going to let it rest next to the trash can that is now being piled high with new waste?!?! we both go out of the same door each morning, we both see the same dumpster at the end of the parking lot. WHY can you not take the trash out just as easily as i can? and one last thing.... why is it that i can tell whenever you've been in the room snacking? it's like following a kids crumb trail! how old are you again?
maybe it's the weather that's making me irritable. i just wish that the sun would show it's face again?! where did it disappear to? this is the south, i expect it to be warm or at least bright, but here we go again with another cold, dull, dreary day! urgh, how depressing.....

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