Monday, February 07, 2005

the sun has finally come out of hiding!!!!! it is a beautiful day outside!! it's actually supposed to be in the 6o's till wednesday :) sorry to those of you who are still bundlin up to go out and face the day. even though the south may be slow, it does have it's benefits.
had fun at the club this past weekend although i was scarred by a couple of things. to join into the mardi gras festivities, they were throwing beads off the you didn't have to do or show anything, but i guess some people were just a little too "overexcited" and thought the world wanted to see there breasts (and of course they weren't just thrown out there once either)! hopefully these girls were drunk enough to NOT remember what they did the next morning. unfortunately, i am stuck with the memory. and i know that alcohol does lower your inhibitions, but when you wear an extremely short skirt to the club and you feel the need to be face down the whole night, please keep in mind that others dancing around you and upstairs might not want to see your ass and thong!! the girls skirt was completely flipped up on her back! i guess i should have just went to the strip club since i was surrounded by tits and ass anyway.
nonetheless it was a fun night and i'm just thankful that no one felt the need to start fightin or shootin.

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