Saturday, October 29, 2005


today i lounged doing not much while wifey found a phone booth and put an S on her chest doing pre-parents-coming-down-for-the-weekend cleaning. me? i didn't accomplish much but figured out a few things on garageband and did a quick track over my own beatboxing. besides neglecting my blog i've been rocking ish hard trying to get that 15 cent to turn into a dollar and didn't go out of town as planned this weekend. started figuring out how to use my Rokr phone though the sound is kinda tinny and i'm not quite sure as to how i feel about my tanya morgan being interrupted by business calls but we'll see.

got new glasses today and am adjusting to not having to look through scratches.

fun huh?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

ventriloquist dummy incorporated

i fell off, this i state in the same manner that it is: a fact. i have been meaning to head over here and bless the millions and millions of ldef's faithful readers with something, anything but alas time and i haven't been working together. in fact today will be like all of the other days where minutes are indistinguishable from hours and days so here's a quicky version.

- wifey: cool peoples still though i doubt that she loves football and know she doesn't like björk (Vespertine in fall/winter is a must)

- the hurricane relief concert: amazingly pulled off and probably the hardest work i've ever done period. the concert was sick! and we're still not finished because we're having a charity auction next week (?) on the swedish version of ebay. more on that soon.

- i am coming back to the harlem soon! cookies, the A train -- how come no one told me they raised the price again??

- i forgot fellow ldef's oft less than sometime blue writer carress' bday and would like to apologize, soooo sorry.

welp that's the quicky version and if i didn't have so much to it wouldn't have been so quick... i can't help being a man!