Friday, May 19, 2006

it's a girl!

lot's of things have been happening lately but i'll get into that in the next post but i just wanted to drop by and say that chris and gabby had a beautiful baby girl yesterday (on my grandfather's 92nd bday). on my way to meet her and looking forward to it, i like her already :-D

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

this new phantom outkast song is killing me

i got an email this morning, very bright and early, saying "THE NEW OUTKAST SINGLE!!!" so i looked for the mp3 but nothing. this has been my obsession (along with a host of other people it seems). in case you didn't know it seems that v103.3 in ATL played it for their top 8 at 8 in all 8 spots last night. somehow, in 2006, NO ONE RIPPED, TAPED, MEMORIZED IT AND MIMICICED THEIR VOICES at all. so this song is now heading toward phantom stages and it's only been out for less that 24 hours. if you have it send it to me at

okay but to clicking refresh and rechecking tailrank, limewire and netnewswire...



got it last night from a bad quality radio rip. the song's name is "Mighty O". Dre ripped it, killed it even. I feel like it's '88 with a tape with the hissin'. all smiles. can't wait for the good quality version.