Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wikipedia-ish jokes?

And You're So Funny? Write My Script - New York Times

Video: Online Collaborative Comedy

don't quite know how well this is going to work out but i'm game and will follow dude's sites for about a week or so to see.

i've been watching mad documentaries lately: Unforgivable Blackness (the Jack Johnson story), Mark Twain and the Civil War -- kinda on a Ken Burn's thingy lately and all the happier about it.  between you and i, i'm beginning to think that wifey isn't as happy about having to sit though some of these (being that english isn't her first language and all and europeans lack context of any sort in these matters). we also watched the Their Eyes are Watching God in which they sucessfully ruined my all time favorite book... eff it i dont' even want to talk about it.

now to try and train myself to get up at 3am to watch the heat lose to the mavs, yeah i'm hating so what?



U.S. 1, ITALY 1: Short-handed U.S. slugs out draw vs. Italy

After hearing abnormal amoutn of shullbit about the US sucks from all manner of people I'm feeling kinda lovely right now with the tie last night though we were short changed in the people department thus bringing us to Ghana and a must win situation.

It's not like I know a damn thing about soccer or anything.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nerd iddish but I'm saying Flock is the truth

TechCrunch » Blog Archive » Flock Raises New Venture Round, Launches Public Beta

had a bad dream and woke the hell up after 3 hours of sleep, very rare for me (dreams most would consider bad aren't even an issue to me).  So I'm wide awake and click on tailrank to see a post about Flock the new Mozilla based browsers (like firefox).  i downloaded an alpha version a while a go but it didn't have import features and fell off quickly, though it seemed a little faster than firefox, so FF won again.   This time everything and then more was there -- like the fact that i'm doing this blog via flock instead of having to sign into bloggeranyhoo, the suggestion is to try it out and see what you think about it.  At least i can update my blog more with this.

Other quick news items -- besides being in looooove with arielle (who is now a month old) it looks like i might have a decent job (which i find out tomorrow).  i went to london for an extended weekend and fell in love.  next stop paris or amsterdamn and i have a nice little list to work on.  maybe i'm tired now, more to come.  hopefully tomorrow brings great news, please.  did i mention my RE:Love with my PSP?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

okay, i fell off BUT

i've doing an abnormal amount of ish lately to which i owe my previously blog-nes-tivity at least a couple of posts to catch up with. I *heart* london btw.

more to come soon and i will rock out those posts this week.