Thursday, January 31, 2008

how come i never saw this before today


Jude 19:86

Ringo must eternally feel lucky like praz.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obama won

Hillary is campaigning "just in case" for Florida, Michigan and is trying to find out how many ghost delegates she can get for OZ (her people have been seen in Kansas wearing ruby slippers at barns).

Friday, January 25, 2008

7 billion dollars!!!!!!!!

This guy may be the hands down worse trader in the history of traders. AT LEAST get filthy friggin' rich while doing illegal activities CRIME IS SUPPOSED TO PAY (at least white collar crime). Friggin' idiot.

meet kenny

kenny is a disfigured white tiger and his best friend and cell roommate's name is Willie who is really, really cross eyed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

*attaches scope and zooms*

I'm looking for a job in a forcefully focused manner at this time. I learned that I HATE writing resumes and an appreciate that I have so many writer friends that were nice enough to help me out in that direction previously. Alas it doesn't help over here as much because English isn't people's native tongues and the amazing verbiage draws blank stares. Anyhoo I've sent my resume to no less than 40 people this morning before 9 am so I'm hoping to hear something in the near, near future. I'm thinking about going back to school as well.

On a totally different off key note I installed Ubuntu via Parallels the other day and am quite impressed by that OS and to think it's free? I can run it without my macbook sounding like it's about to take off which never happened in XP or Vista previously and it's soo damn light :-)

Slick Willy needs to back the fuck off of Obama, it's becoming annoying that he's so secure with the bullshit "first black president" crap that he even tries to push on things like race.

Back to my resume sending and job altercation productivity.

LiTTle Wayne arrested, again.

it amazes me how people who are obviously targets for your local area Sheriff Jimbob and his first ever national news coverage chance don't ride clean, or at least semi clean with a lawyer on board. If I were dude I'd have the lawyer from Huff roll shotgun everywhere I go and if I didn't say NO I'd have 007 type compartments lined with peanut butter.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger was found dead

and Hillary's accusation that Obama was working with a "slumlord" is starting to get legs.

The Debate

I'm still trying to see the entire debate because it came on at 2am and after staying up the entire previous night to watch the AFC and NFC Championship (sorry Brett!) it was impossible to see it. I've been seeing bits and pieces of it and it actually looks interesting. I can say that this election shows a strong need for the younger age groups to go ahead and take the baton out of the crusty Civil Rights generation's greedy hands.

Monday, January 21, 2008

the sweetest taboo

Quickie 7 month(!!!) wrap up?

-  I became a daddy to a beautiful little girl named Zora in Oct.  Zora is a super genius and is getting ready to start school at Yale in the fall.  Z's hobbies include poo-ing and eating.  

- I have fallen off the wagon and hopped back on constant CNN watching, and CNN International at that.  CNN international plays the same shit over and over again but I somehow find it relaxing though rarely informative.

-  Google Reader and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it for keeping all the stuff I read there for me to know when it's updated but I've become obsessed with getting through the 1000s of things I have to read on it.

- I got an iPhone the day we went to the hospital and it helped us in the delivery, it also has baby sat and many other useful things, which is why my heart dropped last Sunday when it dropped like a foot and the face cracked :-(  It's unlocked because they haven't released it here in Sweden and after talking to the Apple Store they would charge $249 for me to replace it but it would be updated to the latest firmware (which isn't cracked.)  Soooo I'm walking around moaning to myself in low discreet and manly tones.

- L deux officially backs Obama due to the fact that he watches the Wire.

- Hillary officially irks LDeF since she keeps talking like she was president, or in public service before.  Let's tell the truth: Hillary is not Bill Clinton and won't be the same president plus she's only held one elected position and only since 2001.

- If I was cakey, with a need for a back up computer I'd get this