Saturday, July 30, 2005

doom got me open

i'm open tonight though wifey-less (grrrls nite out) between prince of persia, this depressing movie about divorce with randy quaid that got me over thinking relationships and this dangerdoom in the pod i'm open. it all started a couple days ago when kris hit me asking if i felt mf to which i replied that i been sleeping and will continue because i effin' felt like it. this was followed by mr. dukes hitting me with a link with ghost/doom 'the mask' now i'm open. oh so even.

my to do lists this week includes reading angels and demons bugging writers and sponsors, some of which i'll start on tomorrow. 'neeway i'm open tonight ready to write some sumtin' and thought i'd share.

mf i must apologize for the slumber, no more.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

time keeps on slipping, slipping

i have fallen so off it's more than sad, it's pitiful and in the mist of this horrible 'maffia-in-italy' movie that harvey kietel obviously did to support habits that one shouldn't support it reminded me to post, quickly at least. the editing department should pay me money for actually sitting through this incomprehensible shit, they cut from night time scenes to daytime mid convo. the storyline.. isn't. camera angles give you a headache and try to cover up the cheapnesstivity of this movie.. eff it, it's horrible.

been up to wifey's parents for 3 weeks *yawn* *double yawn* read the Da Vinci Code--i know i'm all late-- in less that 48 hours and practiced the fine art of sleeping with my eyes open while looking busy. did catch a fish on the smaller end of 'moderate size' and a minnow (which is hard to catch on a hook but i am a talented fisherman). back at work on taking over the world and wondering how i can get my hands on Danyel's book which i have been hearing more than enough good things about, though something tells me in sweden will be a b-i.

yay for the ira, funny how it came right after the bombings and tony was getting ready to george bush some privacy. sudan is still fucked up and nadda ting gwon change for babylon.

a thought crossed my mind when i heard about them canceling the space program again after seeing the debris, how would it feel to be in the bastard when they made the annoucement?

i'm going to bed.