Thursday, March 31, 2005

Buddy Christ

on sunday we went to church to see wifey's rather unique cousin get baptized. I was sitting in this old swedish church wondering why everything seemed so catholic when the priest walked down with his crew. most of the p.crew were carrying candles but one dude carried a cross and when they turned around i noticed that the cross reminded me of the above picture. so i sat there practicing my church proven 'don't laugh' routine, it worked though barely (it is a little rusty).

they also had this dude sing from balcony behind us so we sat looking ahead while he sang. dude's voice told everything about him, you could tell that he LOVED to sing, very much so. i know that sound in peoples voices from going to one of the most singin'est colleges in the world. everyone can sang there --with a slew of grammys to match-- even the janitor. pple walk around singing at the top of their lungs on their way to class, gospel of course (since it is a christian college). anyway, dude couldn't actually sing though but it felt right because behind his voice you could hear that this is what he thought about all week, what he looked forward to, what made him happy. his hands probably shook as he put on his tie that morning and reupped his comb-over while picturing singing in church. it had this sadness tint to it mixed with whispers of "without this my life wouldn't be." a sad smile for your ears.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

my favorite little racist

okp put me on to this.


johnnie died :-( humanism *sniff* and plane tickets *sigh*

Saturday, March 26, 2005


if you decide to blast your school or co-workers (who are also non-white) and expect to get front page columbine coverage remix your plans because it won't work. dude unloaded his gun on his teachers and classmates (this is a very, very wrong thing-to the mentally unstable peole who write me) and rode backseat, not even shotgun, to coma lady.

coma lady, not trying to shit on anyone's opinions on this but my little brother was in a coma for a total of 10 days and the supreme court didn't hear shit about him. they just unplugged him and remade the bed.

aural scribbagetry

has my preaching has not been in vain but i shall continue.

Friday, March 25, 2005

as i stood before my world

today was one of those beautiful spring days where the sun looks down on the bastard snow to show that those eight minutes ain't the only thing that's ahead. we headed over to the bastard melting snow and ice covered beach that her family owns to look out over the baltic sea. i built a fire, which i'm very proud of and will continue to share firestarting tips with wifey, who for some reason isn't that interested in it. as i stared into the fire it reminded me of all of the times i got in trouble for fire and how i used to say "when i get older i'm going to play with fires everyday!" eh, not quite how it works but fire is fun!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

life, wifey and the pursuit of happiness (before 30)

i've been getting a few emails regarding the fact that i haven't regularly updated here and i'd hate to anger the millions (ignore the post counter it's wrong) of regular viewers who check in here. i'm sorry. life has been quite hectic of late, to say the least, and i'm on the warpath for financial security by my 30th bday (April 19th) not to mention my ever churning plans of world domination (which i think people are starting to see is VERY serious). so let me update you, as if anyone cares 'quiet!! Smeagol!!".

monday we went to the premier of Be Cool. red carpet and all with an enormous table of fun green bottles of beer that i so love :-) had half of one. there enormous amount of wanna-be-seen early 20's pple there also. i went to network so i ignored them, though wifey (who looked ever so lovely) was seriously annoyed by them. we went in and mtv nordic's veejay talked to the camera, not the audience, then introduced Christina Milan who came down the aisle with an enormous bodyguard who she told to sit at the foot of the stage. i guess there were a lot of death threats from sweden for the beyonce jack or something. hmmm. she did her contractual best telling us of the "fun" behind the scenes but no beef there she's just doing her job. then the movie starts with one preview of the Queen La vehicle Beauty Salon surprisingly produced by the same people who brought us the phenomenal movie breakthrough classic barbershop. damn what a pitch "see it's like barber shop but *pause* with women! try watching that in a swedish movie theater and you'll see the already building frustration on my part.

the movie comes on and let's just say that i'd rather listen to 8 hours of the dry vocals of j-lo's 'best' ballads then deal with this. 30 plus into this shit we left. gar-bitch.

tuesday and wed were nothing but meetings and we headed up yesterday to wifey's parents in northern sweden. the bamas at the airline had us sitting in different seats with my 6'4 frame crushed between two dudes trying to out quiet each other and wifey behind me. safe flight and the addition of wireless to someone in wifey's neighborhood makes our stay so much more fulfilling.

now to get back to catch up work.

Sunday, March 20, 2005



there are few albums that hit you as hard as this one hit me. so dust this one off and push play.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


so ice skating is on in the backgound (yeah i'm man enough to admit f u) and i look up to see this girl rip it. i'm talking crunk'd HBCU matching band response in the crowd type throw ish on the ice shit. the next girl came on the ice all slim cutta with low self esteem and gave her best 3.5% the crowd looked like jeffery osborne took the stage after lil' jon.

the countdown continues

questions: what do you mean to your friends? who are you to them? do you have a balanced relationship with them? if not, in what way is unbalanced?

just a few questions for questions sake.

getting tricked into shopping with wifey is a cruel and inhumane thing to do to a man. women please take note.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm a connector

and since i found that out i've been busy using my new found title. of course some people have a tendency to think that i won't connect bodily parts with harmful intent but they will soon learn. you must. otherwise i've been getting my connector-ness on.

lately i've been more than a little down. i miss being around people that come from where i come from, were raised like i was raise etc. that reminds me, i noticed a little secret about sweden-- this country is full of white people-- but keep that on the low.

welp back to getting my connectornesstivity on, did i mention that wifey and i hit the terrible 2's yesterday? of course that's 2 years of "going steady" but i'm quite proud of that achievement for many different reasons (most of which i'm patting myself on the back for, damn i've been in europe too long).

for your weekend listening pleasure

J*Davey "No More"

Monday, March 14, 2005

Stockholm is 800 islands

which means that this would be a GREAT!! bday present for me (April 19th). picture this, wifey and i are driving with the Tanya Morgan/J*Davey mixtape blasting when traffic starts to get bad we look over see water and BAM!!! we're heading toward our destination without any delay! i'd like to thank you all, in advance, for buying this for my upcoming bday. Sure it cost around half a million but that's such a small price to pay for our vehicular happiness.

if anyone has an ideas as to how to stop snow from falling please email me at LOQuent at Gmail dot com because i'm fuggin tired of this ish. i've never been in a place that snows so frequently but collects snow so little. it will snow all damn day to simply apply a fresh coat to the snow on the ground and i'm tired of it. it's march, which according to my first grade dick and jane books is for flying kites with a medium sized coat on. I see no grass to fly a kite on and much less any medium sized coat weather! this is unacceptable and needs to be corrected now!

thank you

Sunday, March 13, 2005

L's embarrassing moments list - 7th grade edition

- at a house party and met this girl i instantly had a crush on. a little later everyone got in a pillow fight and i hit her so hard she flipped over the couch. for some reason she didn't like me after that.

- Called up this girl i was trying to holler at and played a part in a Fat Boys song where Buffy beatboxed "I Love You" but screamed "Like!" into the phone.

- the summer after 7th grade i was a junior counselor at a summer camp. we went to the beach and i rode a boogie board for the first time. as i get up i notice that my trunks are kinda extra heavy in the crouch area then i feel this slimy feeling moving a little. it was a jelly fish and i stood there and screamed like a b-i (in manly way of course). people were telling me to drop my draws but i refused until they held towels around me. for the rest of the day i was joked. the last day of the camp they made a play around it.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Thug duggery : Ldef 2 cent remix

here i am listening to J*Davey and i came across
this village voice piece about the destruction of h.e.r. i've had discussions with various peoples regarding this topic which pains me because the equation multimillionaire=violent acts doesn't add up unless your g.bush and co. personally i don't condone such foolery when done by grown ass men and feel that if you got out you should appreciate it move on and kick open other doors. weak.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

so i'm sitting here listening to "Sensitivity"

Ralph Tresvant's for those slow and in diapers. I noticed dude ran outta breath on his 2 bar "rap" (which for some reason was allowable in the late 80's for singers without the threat of violence). how do you run outta breath on a 2 bar corny ass "rap"?

I Hate You

juswt words when thrown around without the true sweet taste of unadulterated haterd. the kind of hate that wakes you up in the middle of the night because your dream was so painfully vivid and beautiful because you could smell the blood. hate is an art that can't be used in blanket terms, it's specific, utterly personal, something to reach for then hold on to with a steel grip that Death couldn't pry from your hands. hate makes you smile, whole, pure.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

i was just fluxbloggin'

when i happened acrossfiona apple, i like fiona apple and it hurts me that they don't wanna free fiona over at sony. fiona and i only have one problem and that's for her making me feel like i did something wrong by watching her video where dudes foot is in her face. she should apologize but besides that creepy feeling inducing video, which i liked, she did a dope album and went the esthero route on me. sadly a plethora of "artist" who didn't do good albums showed up time and time again to annoy my aural space.

in other news i saw a dude wearing a 97 model motorola around his neck today... it had one of those cheap plastic/pleather cases around it where you can see the buttons but the plastic amazingly protects them from the grim on your hands. don't, really, please.

my flu is amazingly letting up as of late though it's like those cats that come over your house and you give mad hints that you'd like them to leave but they turn the channel or ask when it's time to eat. my old roommate was like that. he'd invite himself over to my apartment and bring up convos about girls we used to touch IN FRONT of my then girlfriend. i'd be on some "no, i don't remember that" and he's say "you know the brown skinned bitty with the FAT ASS! remember you touched her in the bathroom of.." anyway, he'd come over and eat chips and chill 4 hours past his welcome on a regular basis until i had to get gangsta and give him a 'to go' time when he came over. i wish i could give the rest of this flu a 'to go' time.

free fiona dammit!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

so you wanna be a writer?

follow L's easy how-to program which any writer will tell you is the write way (corny pun intended).

1. get a quiet place

2. a computer or pen and pad

3. a playstation 2 (xbox will suffice also)

4. a telephone

once you know your assignment sit down turn on the computer and your ready to start. first check your email so that it doesn't get in the way of your artistic endeavor and make sure that you respond to any emails that need to be done away with so that they aren't over you head while your creative juices flash flood.

clear your mind, wait your quiet place isn't quite clean so why not take a few minutes and clean it up. there's no reason to be lax on your cleaning job and if you notice that there's dust under the couch you might as well get under there... actually if you take off the cushions wash them and dry them it would make it a lot better. okay got that done? let's get back to that work. speaking of work where are you in your NBA Live™'05 season? Last time you played you were on a 20 game winning streak and 21 is 3 times 7 so it would be a better number to save your season to so one quick game won't hurt plus it will relax you and allow you open the dam of your mind easier. okay, you lost and messed up the streak but it was understandable that you had to play 2 more games to feel better about that loss. now it's time for work. speaking of work isn't your bestest friend in the whole world at their grind staring intently into a computer screen helping THE MAN™ hurt the world? there's no reason you shouldn't pick up the phone and call them because they need to know that your there for them. okay they had a computer virus at work (damn PCs) so your bestest friend had 2 hours to spare which you all took full advantage of but now your about to write the equivalent of the I have a Dream speech and you feel it cause goosebumps on your neck, of course since it will be so great maybe you should tell everyone about it on your blog. with that done your REALLY ready, okay, what should you start with... wait is that Bye, Bye Love on tv? such a heart warming movie about divorce in suburbia everyone should watch this at least 12 times. the last strands of james and ben taylor's i will are still ringing in your head and you've just realized that your going to win the first ever oscar for written word so you'd better get this labor of love on the road... wait it's that late? hmmmm, being that you are a day older than you were yesterday sleep is something you should start to take seriously especially since your going to win the nobel prize with this one so good night.

now you are officially a writer.

sidenote: still NOT a writer.

music to fuck to - portishead