Friday, January 27, 2006

when should you throw in the towel?

what is the point where it's definitive to throw said towel in and get out of the fight? since life related things usually aren't of the broken bones, blurred vision and a constant flow of padded gloves heading for your torso and cranium (not to mention the absense of a cornerman) the question of when wraps itself deep with in life's constant enigma.

just a thought.

i'm addicted to google news

and a few moments ago i stumbled across this sony announcement that they were discontinuing those little robotic dogs called AIBO. The article mentioned that there were forums for AIBO owners and being a psp owner myself i just clicked on it to see what they were talking about there.... well *cough* i'm not judging but it's a rather interesting way of looking at a robot dog when you use adjectives like "LOVE" and everyone's signature has the names (full sometimes) of there little robotic dogs. check it out here.

'whatever floats your boat' right?

btw the outkast movie was pushed back, again. honestly since i'm over here the worst pain for me is that we won't get this damn album in our hands if they kept pushing back the movie and i want that album. btw what ever happened to the hbo movie with andre' playing a undertaker?


Monday, January 09, 2006

blue/gray & in between

a clue is what i don't have today as to why i'm in such of a blahish mood. there really isn't a great reason and since i have refused to subscribe to the 'holiday myth' since the late 80's i doubt it's the regular holiday let down/january blues. maybe it's the lack of focus, though focusing is what i'm constantly doing, or just the fact that today's (and tomorrow's) workload is the equivalent of... sorry today's lack of interest in all things doesn't allow snarky metaphors. anyhoo though i'd share, though this coming saturday night brings some light in this dark nordic winter (see redskins below). eh, i'm out.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hail to the Redskins

how strange for me to do a wrap up without screaming at the top of my lungs that MY washington redskins are heading to the playoffs after a 5 week winning streak (making us the hellishly hottest team in in the nfl). first up to beat the crap out of is tampa, please watch and learn people..


happy 2006, christmas etc. i'm up at early, again wondering why the hell my body feels the need to place it's awake version above sleep mode at 5 am the last few mornings. since i've fallen off, yet again, i feel duty calls for a quickie wrap up.

went to nyc. it was cold, very cold. jet lag made me consider the good points of suicide and taxi rides (when you can effin' get one). chilled with will and introduced niklas to nyc. the concert was a sucess, both of them. missed the wifey and had horrible internet connectivity -- which sucks since one of my duties was to write a nyc blog for desofo ( but that was more than far fetched since i got to know my yahoo mobile mail to respond to the emails that i could get. on the way back tried to switch plane tickets with someone who came with us. it was pretty simple I flew to Copenhagen then to Newark on the way up because i went to coworkers. on the way back i wanted to fly to stockholm instead of wasting 3 hours before getting to stockholm since that evening i was flying up to wifey's parents and jet lag needs to be treated like an adult. well tried with every branch of SAS and 5 mins before takeoff they gave said that they couldn't switch tickets but they'd bump me up to business class. no descriptions but intercontinental travel and i no longer look at each other the same.

flew up to wifey's the same day and worked off jet lag in the timewarp room that we stay in. christmas was eh and we left the next day for a bus *gag* trip back home to stockholm. cramped and it smelled like feet with all the fresh snow on the ground making it worse. got home and woke up to THE FLU for which i had the whole next week that i got here (thus blanking me out for a month). i'm still coughing, coughed right through new years btw but feel much better now thank you.

oh, we went and saw Narnia on thursday night and let's just say that they took appealing to the christian audience a little to seriously. it came off claustrophobic and unevenly paced whereas it should have been epic and flowing. the christian factor had it so halmark-y.

now to figure out why the hell i keep waking up so damn early.