Sunday, April 30, 2006

4:30 am: sun is shining each and everyday

you know how people wonder about how it is to have the sun pop up at abnormally early times? well sweden 'blessed' me with not having to wonder because that bamma pops up at abnormally early times which results in me waking up at painfully early times with no chance of returning to la la land. irritating.

fell asleep on the couch, again, but went to peek in on wifey -- i happen to enjoy watching her sleep she's so quiet... :-D anyhoo, peeked in and noticed that she's sleeping sideways in the bed. this is a problem for your truly since she has seemed to enjoy trespassing on my side of the bed since we got a new bed. this bed's predecessor was a small bed not made for a non vertically challenged man. i would get leg cramps on the ex-bed because i couldn't stretch out, not to mention it had some crap at the end so i couldn't even let my feet go over the edge. soooo, we buy a new bed only for wifey to decide that sleeping up and down wasn't for her and that sidways motion was were it's at. now when i'm in the bed i feel her *adjusting* herself until she's damn near kicking me off the bed. i'm thinking she's reliving her soccer glory days, but that's just me. this is not a good thing i've been considering an electric fence between us to correct this malfunction. we'll see.

my pistons lost last night to the bucks. we were nice enough to allow them a playoff win so they should be thankful.

welp back to God of War

Saturday, April 29, 2006

tanya morgan - we be

yes sir let me know what you think and remember you heard about them first here on ldef.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

as 30 leaves

my last hour in my 30th year. i've decided that from here on out i'll simply say '30+' cause i'm not feeling the 31. in fact, i'm pretty upset that for the first time in my life i'm not über amped about my birthday... oh well.

wifey's parents and nephew were here for east (since thursday to be exact) and left today. i swear her dad works more when he's here then at work and since he's not the "delegate" type person he ends up doing most of the work while he's here. now one could say that i'm the man of the apartment and all but i'm man enough to let another man do the job if he can do a better job. he built his whole house so i feel right to assume that he's the equivalent of a surgeon in these matters. regardless the balcony got a new floor, the bathroom a new light (i actually did a hefty amount on that one, which i'm rather proud of), the kitchen tiles were worked on etc. dude killed it. the nephew, as always, was the truth -- though he could work on him peeing aim game more than a little because a man should not have to use a whole bottle of ajax spray cleaner in a weekend. just saying.

oh, i'm pleasantly surprised with fishscale at the moment.

what's in the news? the guy in the proof death situation died, sad another life lost and they were both grown ass men in something so seemingly senseless.

tom cruise supposedly wants to eat a placenta with an umbilical desert... *dry heave*

i wonder if bush will ever let go of 'ol rummy..

eff it i have 30 mins and don't feel like seeing 30+ unless it's light outside.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

RIP Proof

a swedish tabloid newspaper reports that Proof was the victim of Detroit's Hip Hop War... i sure do love that they have the inside scoop on shit that no one else has. it's a sad day when someone dies and it's simply an "intrigue piece".

Sunday, April 09, 2006

i can think of better things to do with my money

this was a brand new powerbook and this dude ran over it, hit it with a sledgehammer and tried to blow it up-- his great news???

it still works...

though i must live by 'whatever floats your boat.." this would be a great argument for legalized prostitution.

Friday, April 07, 2006

dear white people,

i have locs and if the urge were to move you to want to tell me that i look like (fill in blank with random black guy with locs)________ don't...

last night i was told that i look like of my number 1 most hated group of sell outs, the black eye pea-bitches.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

bill gates' office

now maybe it's just me but if your the richest man in the world one would assume that your office would look a little less, bland?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

so apple finally did it

they just released a patch so that windows can run on intel based macs. personally i don't have a problem with them running the obviously inferior windows OS but the problem i have is that it seems like it's supposed to be a selling point for people to buy macs. my personal assessment is that if you don't get it you just don't get it. apple is a business and improving on the bottom line is fine but why not try and strong arm the comp by taking some of their market share away by offering what they can't. eh, but that's just me and my opinion.

now if they could come out with the next gen ipod video so i can dream freely again.

the white stripes new video feat. conan o'brian

sometimes we sit around in the ldef office* here talking* about video treatments for certain songs. had we actually talked about a treatment for this song -- treatment being the "correct" term because of countless making the video viewing -- denial twist is actually cooler than what we* would have come up with.

*perception based interpretations


piston wins

Monday, April 03, 2006

call me heathcliff bitch (c) Phonte

yesterday while testing my news cramming skills from my now 3 favorite sources (Google News, TailRank and NetNewsWire) I came across some quotes from 'ol Mr. Huxtable himself, Dr. Bill Cosby, in which he was talking to 2,000 New Orleans residents about rebuilding titled via Reuters Bill Cosby tells New Orleans black to reject crime.

now i'm all for free speech and stand whole heartedly behind people taking responsibility but DAAAAAM Cosby. it seems that his latest hobby is venom laced hatred to anyone who bootstraps haven't already been permanently attached to their upward mobile hands. it's a little too late to get full stop into this and this isn't a situation where i felt that he was pointing out something trivial minus tack. the problem that i've have ('specially since i grew up in middle class cosbyville) is statements without actions. sure he's put a shitload of black kids through college and spoonfed white america the concept that we all weren't good times'n it but somewhere in his old age he decided to stir the pot up to no avail. maybe it was his son's death or maybe after all of that work he feels that he won't see a change before his last breath... dunno but either way it's counterproductive and simply fueling the fox news crowd.

like i said it's a little late here and i've spent the day pulling myself up from my bootstraps (c) booker t. so i won't swear to a coherent content in this post but the shit really got under my skin.

anyhoo tomorrow is wifey's bday (to which she swears is horrible because she's getting sooo old) so grattis på din födelsedag min älskling :-D vi måste prata mer svenka!


*super mario theme music*

and they're thinking about pressing charges? I guess we live in a batman world with joker villians.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gnarls Barkley

it seems that they broke a record by being the first song to go number one, on british charts, from downloads only. besides the song being ill i guess that myspace marketing is starting to pay off guess j*davey should be more than ready right about now.

Birthdays are fun!!!

said my ever-so-perfect goddaughter when i called her with a congrads for reaching the almighty number 7. she went on to tell me that she wore her birthday hat to school :-D at 11.30 at night and über groggy my face lit up and she continued to tell me how she looooved birthdays etc. i'm still smiling.