Monday, November 29, 2004

cell phone photography

in fact i've decided to become the new gordon parks of cell phone photography (aka CPP). sure it's grainy photos and it can be a little unnatural trying to find the take photo button but what's a better way to waste time on the train? not to mention stockholm transit's surpise everytime it SNOWS in sweden, idiots. this week every single photo i put up will be from my little blue phone :-)

uh, since i'm going to be gordon parks and all i might want to have a daughter soon so i can marry her friend in the future.

today i've been working while having the tv on mute in the background, you know some shows aren't that bad on mute. i've known about videos on mute, since s-curl-havin' bill bellemy(sp?) started on mtv, and think there should be a muted video awards. any nominations?

i promise a review of jeanius this week but it's hard to give an honest review when the person reviewed (and their fiancee') walked you to the train because of your fear of lower manhattan rats. long story, and yes those homeless-after-9-11 rats made my size 15 tims a must dammit.

fuck rats

thank god for infinite cool points.

back to being gordon parks

oh yeah going to see "ain't you the ruts?" with wifey on wed.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

new edition

believe it or not i was once a little boy and one of my favorite groups was new edition, they followed me around as i grew up and were there for most of my firsts :-)

from mr. telephone man (which i honestly didn't get until waaay later) to can you stand the rain *cheezin*. yes, they could do NO wrong in my eyes not to mention introducing boys II men. from pre-drug issues mr.houston to the first openly metrosexual, ralph tresvant.

*singing* "you need a man, with, sensitivity, a man like me"

well i saw them on leno the other day and okay i'll admit that the song sucks hella lot but they RIPPED the dancing routine part showing any corny arse boy bandish groups out there who the 80's version of originators actually are (can't forget j5 folks).

that made me happy :-)

we won't talk about the tempations type damn near 40 year old dudes with matching clothes sweating puddles by the end of the song and the bad mikes with coarse voices, hey that isn't important it was new edition!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

in a calm manner cause i'm a smooth operator

sitting here listening to sade and roy hargrove with bastard snow outside and an hour worth of cleaning and washing dishes ahead of me. Procrastination is king!

thanksgiving worked out we (wifey, chris, gab and my starting waterboy) headed down to an american restaurant to watch the first thanksgiving game (7pm swedish time). met the first bush backing americans i've seen over here, ever. a dude and a girl who signed on the dotted line to "defend our freedom" (probably some post 9/11 surge of patriotism). they alleged the regular republican reasons for voting bush in (terrorism, moral values, blah blah..) and stated that this war was wrong initially but hey "they were killing themselves anyway." i got a little revved up then this cat, who decided that he recognized his calling as moderator, tried to put me on mute which made him quick collateral damage cause to quote goodie mob "don't shut me up man i got something to say."

anyhoo it was kewl shooting the breeze without my anti-american teflon vest on though detriot was molested. less i forget, army dude said that once you sign on the dotted line the government can send you wherever they want... *shaking head*

that said today's our second game as the cheering/ice grill section for the elite 12 year old girls basketball (c) last sat. entry. go FBK!!! challegers ain't trying to take it there.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

'82-84 Kickball Champion

ya'll can't mess with my leg game! 204 bases stolen, countless homeruns and many admiring older females (third grade) on my jizzock, i had recess on lock. not to mention my while-in-line word for word recitals of grandmaster flash and the furious five, g'yah.

during my kickball reign there was just one problem which i'd like to address- misinformation. the six grade guys, who knew everything, enhanced my birds and bees know-the-ledge with this helpful tidbit, from experience of course: at the climax of sex one testicle goes into the girl which grows back after a week or so. i believed, so the next time my grandmother's soaps where on i wondered why the lady couldn't just check instead of asking the guy if he cheated. simple right?

happy thanksgiving, ask a native american what they are thankful for.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


a mere 2 months ago internet access consisted of walking 10 mins to the local library for 15 mins online or checking email over a friend's. now thru the job, access at arms length, literally. my job's emails never stop, ever, and i have a sense of urgency (for various very sane reasons) to get my ish done. but because of the sheer volume alas concessions must be made and unless i want to end up like 98% of princes albums in the last 15 years, overdone, i must learn to control this monster.

welp since i've admitted the problem it is now considered solved :-)

moving on as soon as my little red email reminders slow down i plan to update my link sections if you have a site that can get clearance to fly in this or this's airspace e ( it to me and it's automatically going in the links.

also if anyone knows of something that can slowly wean me off of bloc party's album please let me know.


my friend's email about thanksgiving.

"Almost Thanksgiving. Gonna go see the family. They're all stressing
like crazy over the stupidest shit you ever heard of. i.e. my cousin
(15 yr-old) throws up when she's nervous. so she gets nervous she's
gonna throw up and then throws up. So she hasn't been 'able' to go to
school this year and has started home schooling. My grandfather wrote
my mom out of his will cause he didn't like his father's day gift (a
bird bath) last year. My dad is getting near a million for a beach
house he paid 165K for 10 years ago and he's stressed about money."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

most dangerous cities

i think it was sometime in the 80's the some people started to think that living in the most dangerous cities was in some way a badge of honor. it's not. i lived in dc when it was the murder capital and i have no fun recollections or any warm fuzzy feelings when that fact was mentioned. safest does give a cleaver's house twisted vibe about it, but it's nothing wrong with it at all.

dear ******,
i'm in sweden (you know the nordic country in europe, right?), hence the reason they don't celebrate thanksgiving, think about your first grade thanksgiving play if your still drawing a blank.



Ozzy's just that brollic?

Monday, November 22, 2004

break time

today with, sleeplessness and all, i RIPPED ish! hard. my hustle job is building alters to offer fresh virgins to me at this very moment. wanna join L's Cult™? please email me and i'll pass it along to the fan club.

today was cold, which didn't help with a pre-breakfast exchange of arms here at le crib and post-bfast silent treatment. a truce was made and i gave the world my best shot and watched it stagger minus a season suspension (c) artest.

tonight more bastard snow is supposed to pile on a new layer, considering that sweden RE-FUCKING-FUSES to put anything but gravel down on the sidewalk, ish sucks. they don't even clean all of the snow off though you see the little mini-shovel things all damn day so slide-walking-slips cost kewl points all damn day long.

after doing a little more work i'm going to head here to get my quirky music fix then check out people who actually write.

jag måste gå nu, hej då

Sunday, November 21, 2004

basketball recap

my phone camera sucks i know

yesterday wifey and i headed over to see our new favorite team. no it's not detriot pistons/indiana fight club game (more on that later). we went to see the Elite division of 12 year old girls in the stockholm area. FBK! no r.kelly references please, we went to see a our little friend who wifey practically raised for a couple of years, haddy.

being a little tired, the thought of a watching little girl's basketball didn't exactly appeal. a promise is a promise and l's for the kids so went i did.

the gym was old and the only way to get to the second floor court was walk thru the girls locker room... finally found a seat and watched them "warm up" which consisted of horribly thrown shots not necessarily in the direction of the rim, it wasn't looking good and my eyes felt heavy.

tip off was postponed because the girl from our team forgot to take off her earrings *shaking head*. then off to subpar play and lot's of full strength shots that should have been lay ups. noticing we were the only cheering section for FBK we clapped like drunk uncles every 3-4 mins when they got a bastket.

the teams were as different as they could be our team was all brown with 2 pink girls. Theirs was all pink except for 1 midget 'so sincerr' mugsy. the coaches were polar ops: a swedish lady who turned bright red embarrassed whenever she talked and a african dude who had a slight cursing problems added a technical foul.

Lot's of crying, MY GOD, lot's of crying! join-in crying, frustration crying, little-bumps-hurt crying... very tiring.


- our coach like to yell, a lot, specifically at haddy which reminded us of "Ed-dee, what have you done for me late-ly!"(c) Mmmfufu.

sidenote- yelled swedish is NOT the thing.

- last quarter, 3 mins left, tied game. a girl (who ran like she was drying her nails) heard her phone ringing and started running off the court to answer it. oh-kay.

- haddy, who had the purest shot there, made her first shot and we shouted out "bra haddy" - good, haddy - and she ran down the court and and said 'thank you.'

FBK pulled off a win in overtime and we are now the cheering section and bringing more people. i also introduced the couch to suicides, which will make me very popular with the girls i'm sure :-)

pistons/pacers game - it's in the top stories here in sweden... people don't tend to think what that looks like in other countries. embarrassing ish.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

drinking is bad

wifey loves swedish idol. i don't like the american version and the swedish one is worse. but *add mushy stuff* one must be supportive even on this amanda "that's her thing" thing.

her favorite person on there is the dude on the right, she *hearts* his voice (which isn't bad to be honest). anyhoo he sang stevie's "Lately" last night and the judges (who suck) all cried and said that he sang it BETTER than stevie wonder..........

now to figure out feed readers.

Friday, November 19, 2004


woke up, wide awake, 10 hour old coffee chased with jolt with crushed pills in it awake. so i open my computer (my new watch) to see what time it is 3:57 isn't something you want staring back at you when your me and you can't shut your brain down from little mental sticky notes with to do's that don't quite make much sense at 3:57am.

so i decided to catch up on some reading, read alot. went thru some of those blogs/websites you promise yourself your going to check but don't really look forward to getting hooked on since those to do sticky notes exist. got hooked and here i am taking a break from my new needle action because one great thing about having the world to yourself in the wee hours of a virgin day is the feeling of quiet "just you" that only predawn/dawn gives you.

i was just about to open the blinds only to remember that yesterday was the first snow, i'm not a fan of snow in fact i fucking hate snow!10x i hate everything about, except the falling part which can be relaxing but once that's over bastard snow and i don't like each other. in fact the last time i had to deal with daily heapings of snow it upped my hatred of the color white. anything white sucks (wait mj2 is white, so are ipods) nevermind i'm cured.

it's now 5.42 and wifey'll be up in the next 20-25 mins muttering at her alarm clock. then looking for her house shoes which will be followed by "why didn't you sleep in the bed?" shower, breakfast, complain about hair, complain about having any clothes (though she beats me on a 100 to 1), more mutttering, gotta go slam door wade thru bastard snow.

me? i'll sip coffee and try to get rid of some mental sticky notes.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

*singin* my life is all i have

the problem with living in another country is that your always 2.4 seconds from tea-sippin'-british-airways-singing-my life-jfk-headed ish. something creepy about being in another country at times i catch myself looking around like "i don't get you muahfuggahas" type ish. but ish is kewl and i had my virgin meeting with a cerain well know beer company, good things.

thanksgiving (i'm against the lie, but still) is around the corner and i'd love to watch detriot at a non-mindingbending time while balancing my beer on my stuffed stomach.


"139th n*gga the danger zone" (c) Big L (RIP)

btw today i saw a time picture of young cat in iraq getting put in a body bag, it got to me man. i just don't get it. really.....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

i's free!


that's right folks i'm de-wired here and loving it, of course there are a few snafu's that need to be worked out (one is a slight loss of speed) but those will be taken care off soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

she's he's hearing voices

bloc party, smashing pumpkins and the ever present prince/portishead vibe quite nicely with my moodishness this day after tomorrow (no relation to the horrid waste of film).

I'm "singing off-key" to my darling nikki/she's hearing voices/1979/numb mix

let it out man, let it out

*light turns green*

condi rice is taking the only sane person in the king george's court's place. not good. secretary of state: the new house n***** position, alan keyes work on your sucking technique!

yesterday was a productive day at the plate i'm just hoping one of my hits heads outta the park. more to come on that one later.

now back to my "how to be a ruthless dictator/multibillionaire" seminar.

rhyme with purpose
cee lo's verse from distant wilderness (goodie mob's still standing)

Where I am, you can feel MY presence
In the midst of darkness if you spark up bet somebody gonna see it
It is necessary for me to speak these words now
Another day here hasn't been promised to me, don't you agree
that you never fail when you try, I'm willing to die but first
I am willing to live, and I overstand that this will be
a lifelong sacrifice, in order to reveal
you gon' have to destroy, and if you ain't thinkin right
you damn sure can't act right, somebody raise your fist
and let me know I'm not alone, revolution, doesn't mean fightin
in these streets, and it ain't gonna be no revolution
without the women, and, it ain't gonna be no future
without the children, and, it ain't gonna be no children
without the men, and, you can't have no love without the trust
And no, trust can come without communication
And you can't communicate if you ain't got shit to say
You can't teach about what you, been deceived about true
Any book you read is still limited education
You gon' have to talk to God personally and time is short
And, he's on his way, and, I will receive a great reward for what I've done
And this is all that really matters to me
In time you will see what I told you is true
And I ain't have to rhyme to say that to you
I ain't got to rhyme to say it to you, it's true

Monday, November 15, 2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

thank you mr. knowles

The Grind Date
De La Soul

unlike most reviewers i refuse to drag you down memory lane and make you pledge a blood oath to the only tongues that matter, the Native Tongues. i refuse+ice grill ever having to mention that they broke hip hop in half with 'stakes is high' all while introducing grown folks hip hop. de la soul has never been dead, flower power was a myth and us cosby kids' friends will NOT apologize for not 'pickin' roaches out of our cereal box.' nope, i will spend this review thanking jay z's future father-in-law for harriet tubman-ing one group that does, and has always mattered. de la soul.

album number eight. that's a six pack pass these bammas you rock now but will whatshisname before cheney has another heart attack. if you suffer from ADD i'll help you out: does it bang? Yes, like your holding down a block in Fallujah.

it starts with with them repeating a overlapped mantra of "we are the past/present/future" then morphs into future simply to remind why 16 years later they are still allowed to write 'emcee' under the occupation part of their tax forms. they aren't shy about mentioning this but don't come off like a certain bitter cold crush brother who's constant rants plead for a mic restraining order.

the albums one miss step is the beaten dead horse g.clinton sampled 'verbal clap.' after which it simply melts thru your speakers. so much so my favorites list changes based on mood.

the guest appearances hit their peak with common dropping by to show that life in the wake of ms. badu sharpens one's lyrical sword (c) André 3000. He actually get's my all time favorite line "now your empire fell like the lakers so your talking to your maker." being that i was born in Detroit i find myself pressing rewind repeatedly.

surprisingly they opened up the doors to various producers (most notably 9th Wonder on church spike lee brings it in) but it doesn't come off like a free-for-all. shit hip hop was supposed to be fun and songs like shopping bags keep it that way.

mr. knowles not only begat southern oversinging eye candy he gave us a present in some worthwhile ear candy as an apology to DC's many sonic missteps. don't even let me start with mrs. knowles clothing "creations."

i, for one, would like to thank you mr. knowles

Boiler Room on pcp

"They say money can't buy happiness? Look at the fucking smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby. "

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

I'm sitting here amped up from letting the beautiful drug of capitalism rush all over my body as i give "finish 'um" death blows to my lack thereof of funds. i'd be lying if i said the ish doesn't fell good.

now that's released.

arafat's death will be something i'll be watching closely because mofo's don't understand the IG'nace that could follow his death. idiot bush showed his arse with that weak statement and i can't say that i agree with the israeli response to the funeral, regarding "allowing" who and who can't go to the funeral.... not good imho. it seems they would be utilizing this situation to show some type of love. as far as my stance, the fact that i'm sane (wifey's opinion may differ) means i DON'T believe in terrorism period. otherwise you'd be riding the slow bus with the biggest helmet on to not GET the need for a palestinian state. with arafat dead things will change one way or another and hopefully we'll see something toward the better.

one question when the states were breaking away from britain were they called terrorist? not comparing simply asking a question. hopefully something on the peace side will come out of this because people tend to forget that this conflict is what real gangster arse terrorist orginazations point to as the fuel for their cause. hey but that's just my two cents.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Life in Mono

Great Expectations is one of my favorite movies for oh-so-many reason not the least the perfect muted mood captured plus the post's title. well today, a week from the elections, that muted mood tends to linger. i'm reading time's recap of the election (i.e. what went wrong if your iq is in double digits) and they pointed out a few relaxing facts.

bush has to deal with his stupid mistakes. if he fucks up, oh well, he'll prove to the country once and for all that the blue states are smarter.

the democratic party getting beat by so little may make it get into shape and approach issues NOT from dem icons playbook (c) jfk.

it's his last term. did i mention the demon Ashcroft is gone?

plus we have to get over it and move the hell on, for once if ish get's worse you can tell your former friend who voted for bush "i told you so" with pride.

so it's okay

Gay Whales Against Racism

Monday, November 08, 2004

swedish subways

ahhh, my country just thought i'd make you feel envy

lightly taken

on hold for over 6 decades with no end in sight, damn how do you pay the bills with this type of wait for potential customers?

this coming from a man that is man enuff to admit a certain addiction to a song by a well known aussie pop star named chocolate, it's sooo addictive

my 'skins won yesterday heading for that all important, seemingly unreachable in recent memory, status of .500. sure we dc fans have low expectations but hey you gotta start somewhere at least we're not miami.

these idiots at the company i was called went to LUNCH and forgot to friggin cut off the phone system which was politely telling me in swedish that i'm number one. tha....

blogger's down

so i'ma e this one in.

the j-o put weight on faster than a crack diet loses it. it went from
lax to me waking up trying to make sure i sent this or that email, but
i'm complain-less here cause joblessness is waaay worse, trust.

yesterday's-at-the-mall-typing-via-cell-hand-cramped-blog-entry didn't
quite pan out beside network errors it decided to bury itself alive in
my sms folder which is anti emails. techknowlogee minus the knowlege
on my part snafu, status: frustrating but learning.

yesterday's cellphone cramper "here i am bored out of my friggin' mind at the mall typoing on my cells irkingly micro keys while wifey expresses her double x chromozones' seemingly inborn need for retail - witty retort of de la's 'shopping bags' not included because said desposed of monies ain't mine *note - she's a starter in money handles... my fingers are now cramped plus she's back and my beef wok is almost ready"

the Victory over a certain
nonamed swede is served in nice cold cans of nba live whoop arse,
though i prefer bottles, WILL NOT be mentioned to the viewing public.

did i mention wifey's verge of sleep demon status? it invokes ike like
feelings (c) sometimes. worst still is the her feeble c movie
attempts of "fooling" me that she really IS awake. making
blockbuster nights movieme nights with the next day's matinee
reshowing.... this was attempted tonight during the latter half of 'the
mob house that tony built' complete with incoherent mutterings
(english/swedish take your pick).

like i said i have work and finally getting my mac's version of
outlook up and running has sent me into a state of euphoria.

iraq's state of emergency sounds rather timely seeing the elections
are over now... i'm just saying is karl rove running two countries?

Friday, November 05, 2004

"how you gonna have a dream come truuue"

trying 'em out for size

"what's the matter, ya burnin?'" (c) ice cube

it's now and i'm my memory has me somewhere between 'throw dem bows' green bottled slizzerd happiness and b.o.b drenched 'damn i gotta stop smoking' in a certain sbclub with semi thought inducing convos with mulitple offspring females who are proud of their 'jus finished skoolin' g.e.d.'s aren't school b... but nuff about stumbling loosie-ly thru memory's drunken memories.

vagabonds, heathens and others if you didn't remember when the remix meant a chills, minus chemical agents, then you aren't worth the carbon dioxide your friggin exhaling on my planet, save it.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

a sad, sick world

i'm with him i don't have anything clever to say...

but the 'impeach the president' needs to begin and i'll be getting some shirts made to kick it off.

this shit is frustrating, to say the least.

fucking frustrating.

sorry to janelle and m.fitz that today had to be your bday. enjoy it regardless and if you lie to yourself you'll feel better :-)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

tense times-coffee, kerry and *vomit* bush

up at 4am watching the cnn feed until 5.
this shit is painful i'm sitting here listening to a live npr feed and checking any and every available source.

new hampshire just went for kerry


220 - kerry
249 - bush

barak sliced alan keyes, one bright spot so far.


uh, ohio PLEASE!!! come on ohio you can do it.

i'd also like to apologize for thinking that 'my fellow americans' were at least in double digits when it cam to iq's.

still 200-249 maine's voting system annoys me because if bush gets 1 vote from them then he would win if ohio is retarded.

if the south would like to become another country, i welcome that and i'll visit all my family in their new country.

cannabis in alaska- they voted for it to 'legalize it' weedheads worldwide are buying coats.

npr has the points at 254-242 bush up

the dems are weak nut-less cats i'm watching bbc's live coverage and a lot of the dems they have talked to admit defeat.

vote or die didn't seem too pull off that much according to the exist polls.



if bush takes it:

- middle east conflicts will escalate
- the economy with correct itself but with a republican congress it will swing overwhelmingly in the big business' favor
- george will get even more cocky because he will have done something better than his dad
- terrorism will get worse and there might be another attack on american soil.
- the 'war on terror' will continue and get worse
- americans will have lost damn near every single ounce of respect with other countries.

i'm tried.

bbc's live video feed gets props though


254-252 bush still.... fucking ohio...

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fuck Bush

most likely presidential canidates' offspring to vote against own father? Jeanna Bush

today's the day. tomorrow could be the beginning of the end of the world - christians, do you want jesus to come really, really soon? vote for bush- or we could be smart and move on, at least a little.

sadly, i have to agree that bush getting reelected would at least help get pple active (i.e. mad as fizzuck) instead of taking it (patriot act anyone?).

still no one seems to care about the sudan situation and i doubt that kerry will do much about it. it's sad that the world can turn away from something so serious.

for once i'll have to agree with seanpuffypdiddy.

i'm proud to see people fired up it's.... just.... will it last?

today, when i get a chance, i'll be putting up links for exit polls and other forms of witchcraft from various sources.

i was watching on bbc they were saying that there are pple spying polling stations so if your going to make sure you get rid of bush try and look as repulican as possible to eff ish up for them.

i only hope the media doen't decide to watch foxnews tonight to figure out who friggin won like they did in 2000.

now if only all of nyc would play 'fight the power' all day long...


more links soon

Monday, November 01, 2004


i'm about to go drop off mjredux off at daycare so she can learn english by the time i pick her up cause os in swedish isn't the thing when you don't know os in the first place.

lately it seems that my body has been preparing me for election nite/mawnin' cause i'm starting to sleep like i'm on states time. kinda sucks and makes me tired at weird times like in jan.

to do list for today: research info for job and other job ish and VOTE!! hopefully on the latter....

my 'skins lost yesterday though i won in ff