Wednesday, June 29, 2005

put people on

buy the desofo album! dammit i worked hard and slept less for this. we've got some cool stuff on the site and i just wanted to shower thanks on the people that contributed when it was simply a fetus of an idea:will dukes, kris ex and the lovely julianne shepard, seriously, thank you.

now if your reading this you should have already bought the album and added desofo to your bookmarks so i'll thank you now.


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Gangsta Diaries

June 26


most of the time i wake up early after a night full of gangsta shit to ice grill birds for chirping. ain't shit to chirp about, you little feathery bitches. all happy and shit. after a while i usually head over to a flower and stop that n*gga into the ground for looking all pretty. i don't like pretty shit plus it's good practice for my stomping game.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

uh, damn

grandma's, broken hearts and guns? wow...

in other news it's always nice to know that white people feel that it's too late to apologize for slavery, amazing since black people didn't actually get political representation until the late 60's. which in essence means that slavery, in some form, legally existed until the Civil Rights Act but that's just me... not to mention the fact that if it is true that slavery isn't something worth apologizing for because it's too late and has no lasting effects (besides the 5 centuries deep in cotton money (c) mos) then the overall view would be that we're less human than any other race...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

today a beautiful thing was born

my little *sniff* go there and buy the downloadable album it's ill not to mention criminally cheap. look around and e me if you have anything you'd like to do for her please let me know.



Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pistons Bitch!!!

via email:

OMIGOD...we blew them away. Spurs never let cats get past 90? did that game 3...tonite..triple digits!

U know what's funny....Piston's haters always talk about what the next niggas did wrong "Shaq's thigh" "Wadw was hurt" (as if Iverson hasn't clowned niggas with a broken arm!) tonite I called some of those haters..."Is it Argentia's economy?"...Tim Duncan's brother has cancer?"....Tony Parker is upset abt the propsed EU consititution?"

It's never abt what we did right..we the hardest working team in the league...hilarious.

Too black. Too strong.


big ups to nba dot com for the free replay of the whole game on video for us poor people overseas.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

ghetto pass auction

since i'm an expatriate now i feel that now is a perfect time to aution off my ghetto pass with it's alphabetical city stamps. please email me if your'd like to make an offer.

thank you

Monday, June 13, 2005


went to a restaurant named mississippi which lacked cornbread, greens and anything else associated with the dirty south. the menu included a philly cheesesteak which i ordered only to get it on toasted white bread. since i was obviously the only american in there they asked what i thought of the food and told them that somewhere rocky was having a heart attack after feeling that i was served a philly with white bread. *shaking head*

in other news the trial for Mississippi Burning starts today hopefully to convict this 80 year old man for the horrendous murder or the 3 civil rights workers in 1964. i've always noticed that when people mention the three the mention the two whites first (as if this was the greatest gift of white people ever) then passively mention the black guy who lived in meridian, mississippi (where my dad was born) and had a lot more to lose by joining the voter registration drive then his new yorker partners. seeing that at the end of the day dude had to go home and worry about what could happen to his family.

the pistons lost again last night but i expected this series to go 7 also the only problem is that playing the spurs is like allowing a boa to get a good grip on your windpipe before starting to get it off.

i'm off to work.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

trained thoughts

I was on the train this morning reading time when a class of kids got on the train, there have been lots of kids on the train lately because they're having field trips all at the same time. this class was around the age of 6/7 years old and this little girl was talking to her friend when she looked down and pulled out a cell phone with a sticker on it and talked for the rest of the time they were on the train. a six year old with a cell phone? wow. it does make a little sense here since all incoming calls are free no matter where they are from but i find it a little strange that a 6 year old would rock a cell phone to school. i'm old.

is this new or have i been under unsaid rock for a while?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

the pistons keep on ripping it

well after my much deserved muted gloat session which was today (effin' swedes don't know a damn thing about the nba but i called all expiates to lord it over them) i came across an issue. today we're jeffersoning up to the top floor of the office building my job is in and moving always gives me a sense of newness and a reason to become organized, at least work on it. now organization and i are old friends we go back to school evenings where i'd spend 98% of my times organizing, which in return would drain my energy for the actual studying times. moving along, i have come to a dilemma of sorts: firefox or safari. now to the pc'ers reading this who have yet to have been touched by the holy cult of mac this dilemma seems rather quaint, well it isn't. if you've read this blog for a while you have seen me get my geek on explaining the soothing nature of firefox and countless others have received emails extolling the virtues of this mozilla creation. the add-ons and fuzzy feeling you get are all good reasons to rock it but more and more the overall beauty and ease of use of safari has moved it into the number one spot. sure i haven't figured out everything on it yet, like rss reading (i know how to do it but it doesn't yet match my sage viewing experience). anyhoo i'm at a lost and using both for both sake though safari is edging up toward 89.4% at this time...

wait, what the hell am i talking about?

sorry, carry on.

i've been looking around the apartment

wondering where i'm going to put my new 65 inch tv when it comes out, of course i'm waiting breathlessly for the 82 inch Samsung but the 65 inch will suffice until that one comes out. there is one other thing besides not being able to afford it, it's figuring out a place that i can put it without wifey getting mad because it takes up a whole wall in the living room.

back to pondering, shit i should be asleep (only to wake to the glorious news that the finals will include my pistons).

Sunday, June 05, 2005

how many times i gotta tell ya'll?

the pistons are going to win in 7? repeat this mantra 'l is always right, l is always right' i keep telling people but nah they wanna act in disbelief that i don't know what i'm talking about. *shaking head* sure you can say that it's wade being out or that shaq is 300 years old and his part-time policeman's utility belt is showing him down but the undeniable truth of the matter is that the pistons will continue to prevail in their move toward the 2nd title in two years. sleep, hate or whatever you'd like to do but i am right.

respect my ish nnnhuh

thank you*

*this public service announcement has been brought to you by ldef

Saturday, June 04, 2005

get your blogger t-shirt

hitch is a good example of the 'no chemistry' and plotlessness. this yawn-fest is clockfull of predictability and seems that the dialogue was written for a GED class writing project. not that there is anything wrong with GEDs, due to my untimely expultion from the class of '93... nevermind, this movie sucks, just thought i'd save you from a wasted video rental.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

so i haven't been posting much lately

though things are inching on in my direction it's been hard to find the time to tap it out here. lately i've been thinking about the curse of being raised in a very strict religious environment and the long lasting effects that come with it. even though my conscious mind has rejected that and christianity on a whole those creepy little fears that religion instilled still exist. it's unfortunate that one can not simply decide the rid themselves of these issues but i'm starting to understand that i will be fighting the first 18-24 years of my life forever. it can be accepted, the fight, but i really don't want to pass these things down to my offspring (all 29 of them) in the future. i would like to preserve certain aspects of it though but can't quite figure out how to give it to them (all 29 of them) in a way that doesn't alter their choices.

sorry about the pontification there but it's been on loop in my mind lately.

otherwise after fifty false starts and blown tires i can finally say that monday is the day! yep, the site i run will officially be launched and the millions and millions who view this blog will run over to it and buy the album, which is the dopest album of all time and has cured cancer on many occasions plus actually raised people from the dead while starting world peace and harmony. rolling stone will give it a 1,000,000 out of 5 and say that without this album the world could not continue spinning. sooo, your going to run over there and pay for it then download it and enjoy it along with me :-) of course i'll have to thank damn near every person linked on this site (please look over to your right and click away) for helping me along this excruciating looong journey. i'd love to go on but i believe that that's prince on my cell phone callilng to see if he can contribute to the next album, if i decide to do it again :-) nicolay (of foreign exchange fame) arranged the album, for which i owe him my first and second born children so go buy it, on monday.