Friday, January 27, 2006

i'm addicted to google news

and a few moments ago i stumbled across this sony announcement that they were discontinuing those little robotic dogs called AIBO. The article mentioned that there were forums for AIBO owners and being a psp owner myself i just clicked on it to see what they were talking about there.... well *cough* i'm not judging but it's a rather interesting way of looking at a robot dog when you use adjectives like "LOVE" and everyone's signature has the names (full sometimes) of there little robotic dogs. check it out here.

'whatever floats your boat' right?

btw the outkast movie was pushed back, again. honestly since i'm over here the worst pain for me is that we won't get this damn album in our hands if they kept pushing back the movie and i want that album. btw what ever happened to the hbo movie with andre' playing a undertaker?


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