Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*dusts off blog*

I'll be watching you (c) the Po-Lice

I know it's been a couple of moons since I blew the dust off of this bastard but I honestly let writing fall out of my schedule for some reason. Fear not the election, convention, olympics etc. are upon us and my Redskins WILL win the super bowl this year (you heard it first here).

I also would like to send a special shout out to that ONE person who continues to check my blog religiously, though not understanding that I know who it is and have for the last year or two :-) It is exceptionally easy to look at my stats when say... you go out of the country (and I know where) then continue to reread my dormant blog. SOOOOO the point of this was simply letting you know that I know so we know there won't be no... issues.

Anyhoo I must get back to sending our resumes and being productive whilst a certain little person isn't trying to eat at my kneecaps.

Stay Fly,


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