Saturday, February 12, 2005

the Gospel Leprechaun

what happen to kirk franklin? the gospel puffy. i never had much beef with him except for that his video for why we sing was rather suspect with him being in a bedroom and all, but who am i to judge? the thing i always wondered about him is that he never sang but won grammys. he's kinda like a gospel hypeman he'd say the words and the choir would repeat them. i used to be in choir and we had the words burned into our brains before performances but he's choir must have just shown up because he'd have to walk them through every song. dude's videos used to come on after snoop videos on BET. i never quite got what the thought process of playing murder was the case then kirk franklin. just saying.

wifey's parents arrived today. they bought a car and are going to help us with putting wallpaper up and some painting. wifey likes to think that she involved me in the process but this is a fallacy wrapped in an untruth soaked in a lie. she's been walking around staring intently at the walls lately murmuring to herself and even ripped off a section of the wallpaper to "see what's underneath." i on the other hand am not looking forward to doing any extra work with my workload giving me atlas type backaches. regardless, wifey will come home in a while and show me the wallpaper so that "we" agree on it and i'll smile and try and act slightly interested. it's not that i'm not but the overall amount of work, not to mention the discomfort of ish being messed up (we're going to go without a bathroom door for a day or so) really isn't a fun thing when this week will probably be the busiest week i've had so far. i will, however, have a lot of things to say when it comes to the furniture we're going to buy after the wallpaper is done. i have specific ideas for that plus a man must show why he wears the pants from time to time.

it's cool though that wifey's parents are here because we get to ride in a car! this IS a big deal when your used to the train, seriously. i've had 8 cars in my lifetime and never appreciated riding in any one of them as much as i appreciate riding in any car now.

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