Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do Something

being so far away from home has it's problems especially when something like katrina happens. before this i was frustrated that i couldn't have those bar conversations with during the elections, not there with my new york when the power was out and a plethora of other things that make it seem like i. should. have. been. there. nothing has made me feel like the past week, frustrated and far away, in a place so foreign so out of context. so not home. so sitting here combing through the news stores and watching internet feeds something snapped in me and i knew that i need, shit had to, do something!

so i started working on a Hurricane Relief Concert here in Sweden and pulled all stops, flicked through my address book and started making calls, hella calls. no more working-semi-patience-within-this-bullshit-swedish-system this was war, i hit up the hip hop community first with the thought that if they are going to use my music it's time for them to at least give back to this. luckly only one person i talked to tried to throw me off to which i explained that it was black music that fed their family and the south is where it was birthed so this isn't really a call 'asking'... anyway fuck 'em. the concert is starting to take shape and a lot of people want to give back, help, shit DO SOMETHING so i promise that i'll keep you all posted with the what's happening and hopefully someone hurt by the hurricane (and the inaction) can get a little help from sweden.

a suggestion: if your sitting around feeling frustrated and having watercooler convos about how fucking horrible it was stop and take the time to try to give back. fuck talk.


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