Thursday, October 20, 2005

ventriloquist dummy incorporated

i fell off, this i state in the same manner that it is: a fact. i have been meaning to head over here and bless the millions and millions of ldef's faithful readers with something, anything but alas time and i haven't been working together. in fact today will be like all of the other days where minutes are indistinguishable from hours and days so here's a quicky version.

- wifey: cool peoples still though i doubt that she loves football and know she doesn't like björk (Vespertine in fall/winter is a must)

- the hurricane relief concert: amazingly pulled off and probably the hardest work i've ever done period. the concert was sick! and we're still not finished because we're having a charity auction next week (?) on the swedish version of ebay. more on that soon.

- i am coming back to the harlem soon! cookies, the A train -- how come no one told me they raised the price again??

- i forgot fellow ldef's oft less than sometime blue writer carress' bday and would like to apologize, soooo sorry.

welp that's the quicky version and if i didn't have so much to it wouldn't have been so quick... i can't help being a man!


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