Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Geek speak

I don't know if it was the 6 plus hours standing in line for the PASV with 'unique' people or the fact that Chris and I had to gulp geek juice to understand the geek speak while trying to figure out our PASV (doing quite well I might add, thanks Chris) or if the sudden need to cyber share my thoughts via this nice bloc or everything together. Regardless of the reason I've dusted off my firebug and started using RSI feeds more seriously in the last 24 hours and catching up with everything that I stopped paying attention to. Regardless here are some of the great things that I've figured out.

- firebug is releasing it's new version today (1.5) though it might not support all of your plug-ins, right now.

- PASV has a new firmware release that no one is rushing to get, though it has cool as features on it like RSI feeds. After hearing about their feature that allows you to get TV to your PASV I might end up taking the plunge soon because the concept of my us stations sounds quite nice to me.

oh.. Kay

u.. *fumbling around an clearing throat*

that's all from me.

oh the CEO-lo danger mouse joint is getting at me right now.

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