Monday, November 28, 2005

New York, New York

finally! on my way back home to the beautifulness that is harlem in all it's grandeur. from the west indian spot with it's healthy proportions and loooong list of west indian 'remedy' drinks which claim to cure everything from hangovers to cancer. to the cats that hold down blocks harder than you'd hold down a job -- i'm saying dudes are at their locked spots at 5 in the morning till -- i can't friggin wait. minus the fact that i will be wifey-less throughout this experience.

lately things have been more than hectic, to say the least, and i've been in between inspired and burned out (which honestly would work better if a side were chosen), but still pushing through. in celebration for thanksgiving i went to an american spot and watched the game while 'diss-cussing' the "FACT" that swedish isn't a race. long story but eh. following that enlightening experience i got home at twelve and decided to do one of the nerdiest things of all time and head to a store opening which promised 50 PSP's for a third of the regular price. stood outside so long that my legs hurt for 24 hours after it but walked away with my brand new psp, mentioned below, and have been trying to figure this ish out since. it has a lot of possibilities but quite annoying (at times) to deal with since i've grown used to the simplicity of macs.

other things... oh, i've been neglecting my blog since it hasn't truly fit into the timeframe of my other-ness though those thoughts of 'i've got to put this on my blog' are starting to reenter my head. wifey is doing fine, though scarily influenced by the upcoming procreation product of our friends (due april) and talking more baby talk than i'd like to deal with. eh. i'll be okay. welp, i'll be keeping the blog-ism up as of now and will try and update it with my new york trip. not looking forward to the flight but i will kiss the ground, and random people, once there.

i've got to get my hands on the cee-lo joint and am rocking the ghost face quite hard right now, on the music side. co flow was dusted off and has had me feeling hoodie-headphones-walkman lately.

welp i'm out


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