Tuesday, February 14, 2006

blue rose

today is vday in the ldef head office and i've sprung the high, high price of $2.95 for CNN's Pipeline. since we don't have CNN here i thought that it would be a helpful thing to be able to see live broadcasting and i'm quite happy about this choice. 'specially since menace to society dick cheney of the white house crips blastfest is a very great source of live feeds. they just announced that the 78 multimillionaire lawyer that got blasted had a heart attack... one of the doctors said that 'heart attack' is a 'lay man' term and this was what's called a soft heart attack" hammy. Dude even got irritated stating that he was smarter than everyone there and obviously couldn't handle the pressure of having the press ask him or his associate questions which annoy his smartnesstivity.

i really enjoy this.

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