Thursday, February 01, 2007

i'm starting not to like kids

i still like babies and who can hold a grudge against any kid that still wears a built in toilet system but the ones that know better? not a fan. 'specially now. winter showed up rather late and put a nice layer of snow down which is relaxing to offset the sun's winter heroin addiction. well, when i'm in between Gears of War online matches I'll grab a smoke on the balcony. the snow that i see from the balcony has been well preserved and it looks like a perfectly iced cake (something i find relaxing and appreciate). today i headed out to gaze intently on my two week obsession when what do you know? some kids, ran though the snow messing that perfect area up. hence my dislike. i keep checking my weather widget to see when it's going to snow again in hopes that it's enough to cover up those little bastards footprints....

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