Tuesday, July 24, 2007

soo i'm going to be dad

*no longer will this anorexic blog have apologies for long "breaks"

okay moving along, i'm going to be a dad! yep, me... a dad.. someone's daddy... sounds strange i know but 'tis still true and when is the due date you ask me? October 26, 2007. Yep it's sorta around-the-corner-yet-still-annoyingly-far-away but i'm enjoying the quietness for now.

i've racked up a lot of miles since my last post (been to home for a month, London etc.) Also i've been working hard at my top secret job -- of which i'm on the second week of a month vacation. i'll stand up admit that i, l, am an addict to my beautiful 4th xbox which i light candles too and do a finger crunching dance to regularly. oh! i got to see my nephew, after a few years, and am STLL the cool uncle! yay! never know with 13 year old's, 'specially in this day and age. i even let him beat me at fifa... notice the word "let" which should have a disclaimer after it but i'm not really going to do that.

wifey is fine and her stomach is rather large now. i have even coerced the little mini me into responding to my voice on specific commands, obviously the kid knows who's in charge already.

stay focused.


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