Thursday, January 24, 2008

*attaches scope and zooms*

I'm looking for a job in a forcefully focused manner at this time. I learned that I HATE writing resumes and an appreciate that I have so many writer friends that were nice enough to help me out in that direction previously. Alas it doesn't help over here as much because English isn't people's native tongues and the amazing verbiage draws blank stares. Anyhoo I've sent my resume to no less than 40 people this morning before 9 am so I'm hoping to hear something in the near, near future. I'm thinking about going back to school as well.

On a totally different off key note I installed Ubuntu via Parallels the other day and am quite impressed by that OS and to think it's free? I can run it without my macbook sounding like it's about to take off which never happened in XP or Vista previously and it's soo damn light :-)

Slick Willy needs to back the fuck off of Obama, it's becoming annoying that he's so secure with the bullshit "first black president" crap that he even tries to push on things like race.

Back to my resume sending and job altercation productivity.

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