Monday, January 21, 2008

the sweetest taboo

Quickie 7 month(!!!) wrap up?

-  I became a daddy to a beautiful little girl named Zora in Oct.  Zora is a super genius and is getting ready to start school at Yale in the fall.  Z's hobbies include poo-ing and eating.  

- I have fallen off the wagon and hopped back on constant CNN watching, and CNN International at that.  CNN international plays the same shit over and over again but I somehow find it relaxing though rarely informative.

-  Google Reader and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it for keeping all the stuff I read there for me to know when it's updated but I've become obsessed with getting through the 1000s of things I have to read on it.

- I got an iPhone the day we went to the hospital and it helped us in the delivery, it also has baby sat and many other useful things, which is why my heart dropped last Sunday when it dropped like a foot and the face cracked :-(  It's unlocked because they haven't released it here in Sweden and after talking to the Apple Store they would charge $249 for me to replace it but it would be updated to the latest firmware (which isn't cracked.)  Soooo I'm walking around moaning to myself in low discreet and manly tones.

- L deux officially backs Obama due to the fact that he watches the Wire.

- Hillary officially irks LDeF since she keeps talking like she was president, or in public service before.  Let's tell the truth: Hillary is not Bill Clinton and won't be the same president plus she's only held one elected position and only since 2001.

- If I was cakey, with a need for a back up computer I'd get this

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