Friday, August 26, 2005

Behind the Music: Sexual Chocolate

found this from a couple of years ago:

Sexual Chocolate rose to fame in the middle to late 80's reaching
it's apex in the hit Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America tonight
we'll go behind the fame, the "hit" songs to a story of friends who
were able to do what they love.

This story begins in Queens in 1960 when Randy Jackson and Terrence
"uh huh" Jenkins were born in a working class neighborhood.

Randy's mother was a numbers queenpin who also preached at the local
Holiness church on Sundays. Randy's dad was a mute factory worker
who worked his whole life to provide for his family. *flash to
Randy's Dad nodding*

Randy's mom: Randy was always into music at church but schooled on the
street. He was always a performer, when he was 6 the bums down the
street used to pay him to dance for them. now that's talent, here
are people who get by by panhandling and they wanted to give their
hard earned money to my boy for entertainment. *shaking head*

Randy's dad: *nodding*

Meanwhile a few blocks over Terrance "Uh Huh" Jenkins was being
raised by... well we don't know and since Uh Huh only says Uh Huh
it's kinda hard to tell... regardless Uh Huh became friends with
Randy in Kindergarten and they never were apart from then on.

Pookie - childhood friend - Randy and Uh Huh were always together you
see, they were the only kids in the 1st grade to have their hair
conked. everyone looked up to them. Randy was always the one
talking though. we always knew something was special was going to
happen to them.

Randy: I always did like my hair long that's why in the 70's I kept a
perm though everyone else wanted to have a afro. I used ta think to
myself now why would you want that nappy unmovable hair when you
could move it around like this *moving head from side to side*

it was in highschool that Randy decided they were going to be a
famous band and Uh Huh agreed.

Uh Huh: Uh Huuuh

Randy decided it would only be right for him to be the lead singer
and Uh Huh to play the drums so they went looking for a keyboardist
and bass player.

Randy: that was about 1975 and I was 15 we ran into a guy who was in
his late 40's and we knew we had a bass player.

That bass player went simply by the name Hub and always had a chew
stick in his mouth and constantly wore a hoodie. He never said much,
to Randy's pleasure, and they hit it off. They decided why wait for
the rest of the group when that will come in time so they started

Randy: yeah we used to go around Queens hitting all the bars on the
late shift, you know 3 - close and we got a big following. Sure some
of the people just followed us to throw things at us and beat us up
after performance but hey, it was a following.

Uh Huh: Uh huh

Randy: We used to just do covers because I was working on getting my
writing chops up, so we did that until about 1980 where I finally
finished the song that would put us in the big time. right around
that time we got a keyboardist and we were set to go. The Song's name
was Superstitions and Stevie Wonder heard about it and got
mad so we couldn't use it again.

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