Friday, August 12, 2005

work related

would you kill for me?

obviously ready to die is at fault here. where they kcuf is tipper when you need her? me and my b-i situation wasn't what i would call a well planned venture, i mean, it's was like the iraq post war planning.

life: i'd say the drawback to my job is having to listen to myself over and over again with the spiel's variation but thus is the curse of a true hustler, with world domination plans, focused. what's been happening with me? nothing much though days seems to stream together and the nearing end of the fiscal year has me on hyper drive. it's 1:15 and i got up at 6 am so i'm sitting here wondering i'm not in the slumber that wifey's in. well i'm going to stare intently at the back of my eyelids.


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