Wednesday, March 01, 2006


yesterday was apple's "big" announcement and if you've been a trusty reader of this here blahg then you'd know of the ldef's staff's full appreciate and cult like worship well yesterday they didn't really amaze many. they announced that there is a new intel based mac mini but it lacks a tv in (which allows you to record) and the price went up. that kills off the hope that the intel move would lower prices on mac machines and removes me from one who's going to spring for a mini to replace everything but the tv at the ldef headquarters... they also announcement an ipod hi fi ($349) which had me hit the snooze button not to mention a $99 leather ipod case i.e. fuck that. i my honest opinion they used up some of their wow capital in that boring announcement yesterday though i'd put money on 'BIG' changes for their april fools day 30th anniversary changes. i would like to see a full screen video ipod and cheaper intel based ibook.

in totally unrelated news i read touching this article on the last days of jay dee.

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