Thursday, March 30, 2006

she stopped paying her cable bill yay!

over the last 10 or so years i've become a bitter man because people are doing things that i was forced to do growing up.

your a vegetarian, wow!!! I didn't eat meat until i was 15. people couldn't pronounce the word back then and when you explained it they would would ask curiously stupid questions like: "soooo, what DO you eat?" *blank stare* now it's the Thing and vegetarians talk with faux self assuredness as to how much smarter they are and to think of all the cow families that are together because of them.

another one of many is not watching tv. i wasn't allowed to watch even the cosby show growing up though tv's where owned in the houses i lived. nothing. my great plan was to listen to the plots of shows in one class and respond in the next class. *sigh* well i was on tailrank and noticed this big deal (though i do respect it) of this lady deciding to turn off her cable bill.

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