Sunday, April 30, 2006

4:30 am: sun is shining each and everyday

you know how people wonder about how it is to have the sun pop up at abnormally early times? well sweden 'blessed' me with not having to wonder because that bamma pops up at abnormally early times which results in me waking up at painfully early times with no chance of returning to la la land. irritating.

fell asleep on the couch, again, but went to peek in on wifey -- i happen to enjoy watching her sleep she's so quiet... :-D anyhoo, peeked in and noticed that she's sleeping sideways in the bed. this is a problem for your truly since she has seemed to enjoy trespassing on my side of the bed since we got a new bed. this bed's predecessor was a small bed not made for a non vertically challenged man. i would get leg cramps on the ex-bed because i couldn't stretch out, not to mention it had some crap at the end so i couldn't even let my feet go over the edge. soooo, we buy a new bed only for wifey to decide that sleeping up and down wasn't for her and that sidways motion was were it's at. now when i'm in the bed i feel her *adjusting* herself until she's damn near kicking me off the bed. i'm thinking she's reliving her soccer glory days, but that's just me. this is not a good thing i've been considering an electric fence between us to correct this malfunction. we'll see.

my pistons lost last night to the bucks. we were nice enough to allow them a playoff win so they should be thankful.

welp back to God of War

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