Monday, April 03, 2006

call me heathcliff bitch (c) Phonte

yesterday while testing my news cramming skills from my now 3 favorite sources (Google News, TailRank and NetNewsWire) I came across some quotes from 'ol Mr. Huxtable himself, Dr. Bill Cosby, in which he was talking to 2,000 New Orleans residents about rebuilding titled via Reuters Bill Cosby tells New Orleans black to reject crime.

now i'm all for free speech and stand whole heartedly behind people taking responsibility but DAAAAAM Cosby. it seems that his latest hobby is venom laced hatred to anyone who bootstraps haven't already been permanently attached to their upward mobile hands. it's a little too late to get full stop into this and this isn't a situation where i felt that he was pointing out something trivial minus tack. the problem that i've have ('specially since i grew up in middle class cosbyville) is statements without actions. sure he's put a shitload of black kids through college and spoonfed white america the concept that we all weren't good times'n it but somewhere in his old age he decided to stir the pot up to no avail. maybe it was his son's death or maybe after all of that work he feels that he won't see a change before his last breath... dunno but either way it's counterproductive and simply fueling the fox news crowd.

like i said it's a little late here and i've spent the day pulling myself up from my bootstraps (c) booker t. so i won't swear to a coherent content in this post but the shit really got under my skin.

anyhoo tomorrow is wifey's bday (to which she swears is horrible because she's getting sooo old) so grattis på din födelsedag min älskling :-D vi måste prata mer svenka!


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