Tuesday, April 18, 2006

as 30 leaves

my last hour in my 30th year. i've decided that from here on out i'll simply say '30+' cause i'm not feeling the 31. in fact, i'm pretty upset that for the first time in my life i'm not ├╝ber amped about my birthday... oh well.

wifey's parents and nephew were here for east (since thursday to be exact) and left today. i swear her dad works more when he's here then at work and since he's not the "delegate" type person he ends up doing most of the work while he's here. now one could say that i'm the man of the apartment and all but i'm man enough to let another man do the job if he can do a better job. he built his whole house so i feel right to assume that he's the equivalent of a surgeon in these matters. regardless the balcony got a new floor, the bathroom a new light (i actually did a hefty amount on that one, which i'm rather proud of), the kitchen tiles were worked on etc. dude killed it. the nephew, as always, was the truth -- though he could work on him peeing aim game more than a little because a man should not have to use a whole bottle of ajax spray cleaner in a weekend. just saying.

oh, i'm pleasantly surprised with fishscale at the moment.

what's in the news? the guy in the proof death situation died, sad another life lost and they were both grown ass men in something so seemingly senseless.

tom cruise supposedly wants to eat a placenta with an umbilical desert... *dry heave*

i wonder if bush will ever let go of 'ol rummy..

eff it i have 30 mins and don't feel like seeing 30+ unless it's light outside.

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