Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grandma's got a gun

Sadly this revolutionary 92 year old grandma died after shots from the man but she did put 3 of them into the hospital, which is saying something for someone born in 1914.

In other news the fact that there is no Thanksgiving seems to put Swedes & Americans at a lost.... why in the fuck would swedes celebrate thanksgiving here? why would swedes wonder when 'their' thanksgiving is? as i've stated before, repeatedly, i DO NOT celebrate it in the historical context but in the family, food, beer and football manner -- making it my all time second favorite holiday AFTER my birthday (which hopefully will go into world wide recognition by next year).

the "kramer" thing is a moot point to me, at this point, though one must wonder what in the flying fuck this dude was on to go on & on & on like that. Can't Truss 'Em (c) P.E.

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