Tuesday, November 21, 2006


While keeping abreast of the PS3 and Wii release this weekend, hey it's interesting and the PS3 won't be here till March (bastards). I came across a story about the first guy in line for the Wii in New York's Time Square who legally changed his name to Triforce. In the article the mentioned that he's 29 years old and I immediately pictures a white dude who lived with his mom (i'm saying where in the flying hell would a grown as man have freed money and time to pull off standing in line for a week to buy video games?) I also assumed, as most would, that the closest thing to sex he ever had was that banned part in GTA. I was wrong. Very wrong. Dude is black, married (lives in my beloved Harlem no less)and has traveled the globe playing video games. He has a gamer's collective called the Empire of Arcadia which in considered one of the best in the world AND MTV did a mini documentary on him and his collective.... Besides legally changing his name to Triforce (sorry but that's an L) I actually respect dude and apologize cyber-ly to him being the butt of my monday morning jokes along with THIS guy.

as my british coworker said: only in america

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