Saturday, January 29, 2005

Judgment Inc

one thing that eats at my swedish existence is the overt uber finger-pointing which seems to be a rather large piece of sweden's social structure.

first off i'll say that yes i could be known as a rather confident person and a lot of people, in any country, tend to take it as cockiness. i am not Kanye West. shit, i get dude's spiel, always have and it's an inside joke that most people don't get and part of a broader focus of the good 'ol magicians trick of pay-attention-to-my-left-hand-while-i-pull-wonders-with-my-right. anyhoo, i'm not that. my 'confidence' comes from a lonely place that few people have been and damn near anyone wouldn't want to go if the receipt came with a certain walk,look or thought process. that's it, no tricks, just me trying to harness a drive similar to a pcp'ed wild stallion in heat. i don't want the world, i'm like everyone else, i just want my little section (without hurting anyone) and some damn quiet.

so if you think that your in the right when you cast ballots on my being, step the fuck off. handle you and we'll always be cool. i can promise you that i will return the favor, which i've already been doing. so relax or fuck off.

somebody raise your fist and let me know i'm not alone

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