Monday, January 17, 2005


is it just me or is everyone sleeping on the exploration of titan? it seems that in this overtly stimulated world peoples imagination's are on e. i, for one, am geeked over seeing the first pictures taken of titan since egyptian times :-) (don't front like they couldn't have pulled it off).

in other news the world continues to ignore the plight of the sudanese while the worldwide ADD is showing up again with the asian disaster *sigh*

i'm placing my order today for the ipod shuffle stateside since sweden is getting treated like a stepchild and may not have it until april. i realized yesterday that they may have released the shuffle just to annoy me because now record companies will start sending this out instead of grown ipods for album reviews *sigh* and right when i finally get to start getting the cool stuff.

things i've never heard: TV on the Radio and SA RA Creative Partners.

lastly, do you know that feeling when you have that dropping feeling in your stomach and though the reason went away it still stays?

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