Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pow-ful mu-sik electric revival!!!!

cruch time today and i, the non writer, has to pull off something my fetal tissue never signed on for. regardless i got my amped!!! playlist providing the soundtrack for the days events which means that i. will. kill. it. *nervous smile*

one beef with thisis my simple beef with anyone who want's to cash in early, why the kcuf do you need to cash in others with you? killing oneself is a punk move in the first place it simply means you don't have the guts to stare time in the eye until that mofo blinks... but it is your life and if you feel the need to cash it in that will leave more water and oxegen for those of us who wake up each morning and are thankful to be here, just don't force people along for the ride, bastard.

my heart goes out to the parents hurting this morning because of bush's war...

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