Thursday, January 13, 2005

on turning 30

i've been telling myself great things about turning thirty. my favorite is that from now the day i turn 30 all my words will be in red like the above* 30 year old.

*the above charater's ethnicity is not represented correctly, which we here at L deux e Foreign (or Ldef and we lovingly call ourselves) felt that we should state obviously and outright. of course L deux e foreign (Ldef for those who love us) hasn't figured out how to make small letters and this part should be small letters, so we apologize. L deux e Foreign (Ldef for the lover in you) is working hard here to make sure that you get to enjoy your experience and the only thing your thinking about is damn small letters! that's messed up! in fact we already apologized so we don't feel the need to do that shit again! in fact f*ck you! in fact you can can get finger number deux (minus the thumb) bastards! okay, L deux e Foreign (Ldef for star lit night with love) has calmed down now and we are sorry that we lost our temper. it's just that being almost thirty (which, amazingly, most of the staff here is turning) is rather stressful at times and we here at L deux e Foreign (if your playing Marvin, Ldef) would like to apologize.

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