Friday, May 06, 2005

Dear Bush people,

i really would like to ask how you balance things out in your head regarding bush and co. i read the new incessantly and it seems that a lot of people get blown up in iraq daily, from little iraqi kids to your kids, but you still blankly stare ahead
with your bush flag raised.

first off i would like to state that your voting for him is your choice and i defend that choice against anal ass europeans on a daily basis. seeing that i do, i do feel that it would be helpful if you shared some insight as to why you blindly follow this guy.

now, i don't swing off the nuts of clinton and personally felt that he was/is a charismatic chameleon with his own personal elevation behind his every choice. now that we've got that stated it is a fact that we americans are in a worse position then we were before he took the reigns. the economy sucks, we're in a useless war with no end in sight and deficit it ridiculous. to top it off bush, with his john wayne inspired "freedom" swagger, has ignored the sudanese crisis while not doing a damn thing to numerous other countries that try to blatantly step all over this 'line' he's drawn in the sand while he does. not. a. damn. thing. here's a guy that claims he's out to free the world but doesn't seem to do it and when he supposedly tried he made it worse. sorry about the rant but i am really at loss on this point and as to why people aren't rioting right now.
dunno, just wondering.

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