Thursday, May 19, 2005

required reading

sure the last picture had a short shelf life but i'm a busy man an emails begging me to find other pictures that are similar go on def (yes def) ears, 'cause we marauder for'... nevermind. anyway life is starting to show some bright spots and i've been treating ldef is utter disrespect but i'm trying to reach the americanswedish dream here guys and that takes hard work and a very big gun. oh trailing off seems to be a thing that comes with age. speaking of which i was in a meeting the other day and the guy, we've had meetings before, said something like "since your 30" and i had to remind myself.

wifey equals camera as of late. all signs point to the procreation project that my best friend just completed but 2025 sound like a great time to begin, if you ask me.

k, moving along. this is today's required reading it's ill for many reasons but pay attention to the scribes jobs and soon you'll see.

next up: dear white people, don't use the word wigger without expecting retaliation. thank you.


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