Sunday, May 01, 2005

if you don't have this month's the Fader

cop it now! i on the other hand have to wait until 2040 when it actually touches down in sweden *sigh* there's a write up by non other than some dude who was illiterate until I taught him how to read and write in late 2000 about j*davey i.e. the truth so it's worth your time. in fact if you do not cop it i will banish you from every trespassing on the ldef blog again.

with that said things are heading toward lovely in this direction and work is starting to feel grown up. wifey is at the gym and i'm sitting here listening to some birds sing at each other off tune, guess how that's how they get down in sweden. oh, speaking of birds i noticed that they didn't have robins and the like here but had these big black birds. anyway i was watching discovery channel (which is always in english) on of the first weeks i was here and they did this thing on those birds and they were showing how they eat flesh, eat flesh??? huh, robins may eat worms which for all intents and purposes IS flesh but it ain't stripping a cow clean. well that fucked up my 'watching the birds on a park bench stee' and i am forever ice grilling these scary feathery fuckers. i'm glad that i could share that.

in other news the pistons took an l last night to the 76er's because iverson decided to walk on water near the end. of course this is based off of my reading about it because i can't see the games here and if i could they would come on around 12am and finish right about the time that i need to wake up. sooo, i'm thinking that if any of you geeks has any 'ideas' as to how i could see the games please e me and we'll all be happy shiny people.

this week i promise to hip you all toward the vague statements i've spoken about which is my 'project' that seems to drag on and on, really. seriously.

well back to my obsessive playing of GTA where i've given up on the actual missions for a life of killing police officers with cheat codes and a jet pack!

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