Monday, May 09, 2005

so i got a powerbook today

i feel powerful, sure it's not 'brand new' but it's 3 million times faster than my ibook, who looks so small, so insignificant at this point. the only problem is that the genius' over at mac came up with a great idea to help powerbook people out when they got a new powerbook but didn't come up with anything for those of us stepping up. sooo, i have to go through all of the crap i have transferred from my ibook and try and figure out ways to load it in before i hand it over to the dude that bought it tomorrow *sigh*

just thought i'd share. wow, this 15 inch got me open though.

coffee and cursing update:

figured out how to do somethings but still at a loss for quite a few others. for instance i transferred all of my emails over BUT it refuses to finish my addresses. *deep sigh while gritting teeth*

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