Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pistons Bitch!!!

via email:

OMIGOD...we blew them away. Spurs never let cats get past 90? did that game 3...tonite..triple digits!

U know what's funny....Piston's haters always talk about what the next niggas did wrong "Shaq's thigh" "Wadw was hurt" (as if Iverson hasn't clowned niggas with a broken arm!) tonite I called some of those haters..."Is it Argentia's economy?"...Tim Duncan's brother has cancer?"....Tony Parker is upset abt the propsed EU consititution?"

It's never abt what we did right..we the hardest working team in the league...hilarious.

Too black. Too strong.


big ups to nba dot com for the free replay of the whole game on video for us poor people overseas.

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