Monday, June 13, 2005


went to a restaurant named mississippi which lacked cornbread, greens and anything else associated with the dirty south. the menu included a philly cheesesteak which i ordered only to get it on toasted white bread. since i was obviously the only american in there they asked what i thought of the food and told them that somewhere rocky was having a heart attack after feeling that i was served a philly with white bread. *shaking head*

in other news the trial for Mississippi Burning starts today hopefully to convict this 80 year old man for the horrendous murder or the 3 civil rights workers in 1964. i've always noticed that when people mention the three the mention the two whites first (as if this was the greatest gift of white people ever) then passively mention the black guy who lived in meridian, mississippi (where my dad was born) and had a lot more to lose by joining the voter registration drive then his new yorker partners. seeing that at the end of the day dude had to go home and worry about what could happen to his family.

the pistons lost again last night but i expected this series to go 7 also the only problem is that playing the spurs is like allowing a boa to get a good grip on your windpipe before starting to get it off.

i'm off to work.

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