Thursday, June 02, 2005

so i haven't been posting much lately

though things are inching on in my direction it's been hard to find the time to tap it out here. lately i've been thinking about the curse of being raised in a very strict religious environment and the long lasting effects that come with it. even though my conscious mind has rejected that and christianity on a whole those creepy little fears that religion instilled still exist. it's unfortunate that one can not simply decide the rid themselves of these issues but i'm starting to understand that i will be fighting the first 18-24 years of my life forever. it can be accepted, the fight, but i really don't want to pass these things down to my offspring (all 29 of them) in the future. i would like to preserve certain aspects of it though but can't quite figure out how to give it to them (all 29 of them) in a way that doesn't alter their choices.

sorry about the pontification there but it's been on loop in my mind lately.

otherwise after fifty false starts and blown tires i can finally say that monday is the day! yep, the site i run will officially be launched and the millions and millions who view this blog will run over to it and buy the album, which is the dopest album of all time and has cured cancer on many occasions plus actually raised people from the dead while starting world peace and harmony. rolling stone will give it a 1,000,000 out of 5 and say that without this album the world could not continue spinning. sooo, your going to run over there and pay for it then download it and enjoy it along with me :-) of course i'll have to thank damn near every person linked on this site (please look over to your right and click away) for helping me along this excruciating looong journey. i'd love to go on but i believe that that's prince on my cell phone callilng to see if he can contribute to the next album, if i decide to do it again :-) nicolay (of foreign exchange fame) arranged the album, for which i owe him my first and second born children so go buy it, on monday.

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