Tuesday, June 07, 2005

the pistons keep on ripping it

well after my much deserved muted gloat session which was today (effin' swedes don't know a damn thing about the nba but i called all expiates to lord it over them) i came across an issue. today we're jeffersoning up to the top floor of the office building my job is in and moving always gives me a sense of newness and a reason to become organized, at least work on it. now organization and i are old friends we go back to school evenings where i'd spend 98% of my times organizing, which in return would drain my energy for the actual studying times. moving along, i have come to a dilemma of sorts: firefox or safari. now to the pc'ers reading this who have yet to have been touched by the holy cult of mac this dilemma seems rather quaint, well it isn't. if you've read this blog for a while you have seen me get my geek on explaining the soothing nature of firefox and countless others have received emails extolling the virtues of this mozilla creation. the add-ons and fuzzy feeling you get are all good reasons to rock it but more and more the overall beauty and ease of use of safari has moved it into the number one spot. sure i haven't figured out everything on it yet, like rss reading (i know how to do it but it doesn't yet match my sage viewing experience). anyhoo i'm at a lost and using both for both sake though safari is edging up toward 89.4% at this time...

wait, what the hell am i talking about?

sorry, carry on.

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