Sunday, March 13, 2005

L's embarrassing moments list - 7th grade edition

- at a house party and met this girl i instantly had a crush on. a little later everyone got in a pillow fight and i hit her so hard she flipped over the couch. for some reason she didn't like me after that.

- Called up this girl i was trying to holler at and played a part in a Fat Boys song where Buffy beatboxed "I Love You" but screamed "Like!" into the phone.

- the summer after 7th grade i was a junior counselor at a summer camp. we went to the beach and i rode a boogie board for the first time. as i get up i notice that my trunks are kinda extra heavy in the crouch area then i feel this slimy feeling moving a little. it was a jelly fish and i stood there and screamed like a b-i (in manly way of course). people were telling me to drop my draws but i refused until they held towels around me. for the rest of the day i was joked. the last day of the camp they made a play around it.

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