Thursday, March 24, 2005

life, wifey and the pursuit of happiness (before 30)

i've been getting a few emails regarding the fact that i haven't regularly updated here and i'd hate to anger the millions (ignore the post counter it's wrong) of regular viewers who check in here. i'm sorry. life has been quite hectic of late, to say the least, and i'm on the warpath for financial security by my 30th bday (April 19th) not to mention my ever churning plans of world domination (which i think people are starting to see is VERY serious). so let me update you, as if anyone cares 'quiet!! Smeagol!!".

monday we went to the premier of Be Cool. red carpet and all with an enormous table of fun green bottles of beer that i so love :-) had half of one. there enormous amount of wanna-be-seen early 20's pple there also. i went to network so i ignored them, though wifey (who looked ever so lovely) was seriously annoyed by them. we went in and mtv nordic's veejay talked to the camera, not the audience, then introduced Christina Milan who came down the aisle with an enormous bodyguard who she told to sit at the foot of the stage. i guess there were a lot of death threats from sweden for the beyonce jack or something. hmmm. she did her contractual best telling us of the "fun" behind the scenes but no beef there she's just doing her job. then the movie starts with one preview of the Queen La vehicle Beauty Salon surprisingly produced by the same people who brought us the phenomenal movie breakthrough classic barbershop. damn what a pitch "see it's like barber shop but *pause* with women! try watching that in a swedish movie theater and you'll see the already building frustration on my part.

the movie comes on and let's just say that i'd rather listen to 8 hours of the dry vocals of j-lo's 'best' ballads then deal with this. 30 plus into this shit we left. gar-bitch.

tuesday and wed were nothing but meetings and we headed up yesterday to wifey's parents in northern sweden. the bamas at the airline had us sitting in different seats with my 6'4 frame crushed between two dudes trying to out quiet each other and wifey behind me. safe flight and the addition of wireless to someone in wifey's neighborhood makes our stay so much more fulfilling.

now to get back to catch up work.

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