Thursday, March 31, 2005

Buddy Christ

on sunday we went to church to see wifey's rather unique cousin get baptized. I was sitting in this old swedish church wondering why everything seemed so catholic when the priest walked down with his crew. most of the p.crew were carrying candles but one dude carried a cross and when they turned around i noticed that the cross reminded me of the above picture. so i sat there practicing my church proven 'don't laugh' routine, it worked though barely (it is a little rusty).

they also had this dude sing from balcony behind us so we sat looking ahead while he sang. dude's voice told everything about him, you could tell that he LOVED to sing, very much so. i know that sound in peoples voices from going to one of the most singin'est colleges in the world. everyone can sang there --with a slew of grammys to match-- even the janitor. pple walk around singing at the top of their lungs on their way to class, gospel of course (since it is a christian college). anyway, dude couldn't actually sing though but it felt right because behind his voice you could hear that this is what he thought about all week, what he looked forward to, what made him happy. his hands probably shook as he put on his tie that morning and reupped his comb-over while picturing singing in church. it had this sadness tint to it mixed with whispers of "without this my life wouldn't be." a sad smile for your ears.

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